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Be a patriot. Buy American, steal foreign. A rival crew has a fleet of top-end motorbikes at the Maibatsu factory earmarked for an upcoming job. Sabotage their plans and make some money in the process by stealing the bikes and delivering them to the drop-off. The factory is heavily guarded so make sure you scope it out before moving in.
— Description

Factory Closure is a mission given by to the player in Grand Theft Auto Online. Whilst heavily implied it is a mission given by Martin Madrazo, it is not offered via a phone message but started by walking into the blue corona (marked by a star icon on the players radar) under the Supply Street overbridge on Popular Street in La Mesa in GTA Online freemode. The mission is available from 07:00 to 15:00.


Before the mission begins, each team member will be placed in one of three teams: Transporters, Snipers or Lookouts. 

A rival crew has got a MTL Packer filled with motorbikes for a upcoming job at the Maibatsu Factory in La Mesa which the team must steal. The team can enter the factory over the fence on the north side, through the entrances on the east or west, or up the ladder and onto the roof from the south side. 

The Packer is being guarded by The Professionals. Some are on the ground and some are on the roof. Once they've been wiped out, the team must steal the Packer, and take it to Madrazo's lockup in the Grand Senora Desert. The team will have to get through a little resistance on the way, but once there, the mission is complete, but only if a Transporter is the one to deliver the Packer. If a Sniper or Lookout delivers it, the mission will not complete until a Transporter gets in the driver's seat and triggers the mission passed screen.


  • The waypoint for Madrazo's lockup will only be seen by Transporters.