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===Maze Bank Foreclosures===
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Facilities are underground bases introduced in Grand Theft Auto Online in the Doomsday Heist Update.


Facilities are huge multilevel underground facilities. They may be customized with several additions, similar to Bunkers, Motorcycle Clubhouses and CEO Offices.

There are 9 Facilities available to purchase from Maze Bank Foreclosures after receiving an introductory phone call from Lester Crest.

In a similar manner to Bunkers and Hangars, facilities can be purchased for use both by Organizations and Motorcycle Clubs however there is no on-going business operation within that requires the player to register as a CEO, Biker President or VIP other than the actual Heist missions.




Maze Bank Foreclosures

Facility Location Image In-game description Price
Paleto Bay
If you're the kind of mastermind who likes the calming sound of the ocean to be audible beneath the maniacal laughter echoing through the cavernous halls of your secret lair, then this is the beauty spot for you. $1,250,000
Mount Gordo
Forget the scare stories; there are no ghosts, and no one does yoga here. The foothills of Mount Gordo are the perfect backwater spot for an off-the-books, nuke-proof hideaway. $1,465,000
Sandy Shores
These days, Sandy Shores is an up and coming second home hotspot for the criminally deranged, and here's your chance to jump the waiting list. Act now: in this neighborhood an abandoned military installation won't be on the market for long. $2,740,000
Zancudo River
This charming riverside spot is cold in the winter, baking hot in the summer, and has swarms of malarial mosquitoes all year round. You wanted secluded, well here it is. $2,100,000
Grand Senora Desert
A really fascinating site with lots of history and character. No need to worry about the small print, just tell your lawyer to sign. We are legally required to give notice of documents suggesting this site was recently a nuclear testing facility. No steps have been taken to ensure its safety. $2,525,000
Lago Zancudo
It might not occur to you to excavate a subterranean facility in marshland overlooked by the largest military base in the state. But now the idea's in your head, how can you resist? $1,670,000
Route 68
When you're thinking of investing in a labyrinthine military-grade vault hundreds of feet below ground, the address is everything. Just off the iconic Route 68, surrounded by mountain peaks, this little number is just the country retreat you;ve been looking for. $2,312,500
RON Alternates Wind Farm
You've always suspected the eco movement in San Andreas was a front for something, and now you know. The power from this wind farm has been redirected into your hot tub, and the turbines make an excellent deterrent to inquisitive police helicopters. $1,855,000
Land Act Reservoir
The only thing edgier than owning a sprawling underground facility is owning one that could fill with water at any second. Just avoid target practice near the east wall, and you'll probably be fine. $2,950,000


Customization options
Option Description Image Price
Facility Style 9 color schemes $187,500-$450,000
Facility Graphics 9 wall textures and decorations $77,000-$175,000
Orbital Cannon Weapons System $900,000
Security Room Surveillance and Strike Team base. $775,000
Lounge 3 levels of fit-out for the default lounge $185,500-$245,000

$95,000 for privacy glass

Sleeping Quarters Add sleeping quarters with 3 levels of fit-out. $150,000-$290,000


Image Gallery


GTA Online - All Facilities, Upgrades and Orbital Strike -The Doomsday Heist-

GTA Online - All Facilities, Upgrades and Orbital Strike -The Doomsday Heist-


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