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"No one puts together a sprawling underground facility quite like the IAA, and no one else is quite as willing to sell it via Maze Bank Foreclosures for a quick injection of liquidity."
―Online loading screen description.

Facilities are underground bases introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in the Doomsday Heist Update.


Facilities are huge multilevel underground facilities operated by the IAA. They may be customized with several additions, similar to Bunkers, Motorcycle Clubhouses and CEO Offices.

There are 9 Facilities available to purchase from Maze Bank Foreclosures after receiving an introductory phone call from Lester Crest.

In a similar manner to Bunkers and Hangars, facilities can be purchased for use both by Organizations and Motorcycle Clubs however there is no on-going business operation within that requires the player to register as a CEO, Biker President or VIP other than the actual Heist missions. If the player is in a crew, the crew logo will be prominently displayed on walls and the floor throughout the Facility. A new Interaction Menu Facility Management function allows the player to turn the logo display on or off, invite other players or turn the Heist Planning Screen on or off.

An intercom plays regular announcements indicating the ongoing IAA occupation of the facility.

After completing acts of The Doomsday Heist, memorabilia from said Heist will crop up around the facility:

  • Upon completion of Act I:
    • An IAA "For Valor" plaque will appear on the front desk of the facility.
  • Upon completion of Act II:
    • A full-size model of the sea mine seen in The Bogdan Problem will appear in the lobby area.
    • A miniature model of the submarine featured in the Doomsday Heist will appear in a glass case.
  • Upon completion of Act III:
    • A large statue will appear in the previously empty space to the right of the Orbital Cannon room's location. This statue is the same model as that seen outside the FIB Headquarters.
    • Small models of the Thruster, a satellite, and the rocket seen in The Doomsday Scenario will appear in the Lounge.


Facilities-GTAO-Floorplan Map Key

The Layout with security camera locations and other points of interest marked.


The player enters the facility via a large oval elevator from the surface. Entering the corona on foot or with a vehicle or flying an approach and selecting the option to enter will trigger a small cutscene showing the surface platform splitting into two doors which swing upwards and reveal the elevator platform which descends into the structure. If the player is entering on foot, the cutscene will include them entering a PIN on the keypad controls for the elevator. During the entrance cutscene, the exterior of the Facility shows the style the player has chosen.


Once underground, players appear in a large oval room containing the garage storage areas. The level (designated -3) contains storage for large weaponized vehicles including the Avenger. The Weaponized Vehicle Workshop with the Weapon Mechanic is found at one end. A small keypad terminal with a yellow corona is used to return to the surface on foot. Ramps and stairs lead up to the mezzanine level that runs around the outside edge of the oval room where there is storage for 7 smaller personal vehicles. A blue corona in the workshop provides the vehicle management menu to rearrange the stored vehicles. A walkway is visible on a third level but it is inaccessible.

From level -3, a walkway at the opposite end to the workshop is manned by an armed guard and leads to the security area.


A walk-through metal detector branded and operated by Gruppe Sechs must be passed through (with an audible buzz). A security guard can be seen typing at one dual-screen computer and another unattended computer is next to him. A small glass-walled office on the right contains a guard manning another computer and there is a re-spawning Minigun with 500 rounds that spawns on the counter and can be picked up from inside the office for free reloads.

If the optional Security Room upgrade was purchased, the entry is on the left directly opposite the Minigun.

Inside the Security Room is a central table with 5 further weapon pickups that re-spawn every 5 minutes:

There is a single security staff member operating a CCTV terminal. The player can take over control and view and control the 13 available camera positions (even though there are only 12 monitors on the desk).

A gun locker is on the far wall and performs the same function as those found in Bunkers, Clubhouses and Offices, allowing the player to assign a custom subset of owned weapons to be carried around.

The Strike Team terminal is located on the desk looking out into the hallway. This allows the player to call 3 levels of mercenary strike on other players.


Next is a large L-Shaped reception desk staffed by a male and a female Facility Receptionist. These receptionists operate similarly to the Assistant in an office and will provide free snacks and access to Pegasus Concierge Services.

Walkways are accessible behind the reception desk and overlook the office areas below. Three stairways lead down to the lower level. The fire doors on the opposite side of the stairways are inaccessible to the player.

Continuing along the main lobby corridor from reception leads past the sleeping quarters to another lobby.

Sleeping Quarters

A door on the left leads to the sleeping quarters (if purchased). This provides the player with a spawn location option to allow them to start a session inside the facility.


A second lobby area with exits to the War Room on the left and 2 exits to the overhead walkways on the right. The first exit provides most convenient access to the Lounge area overlooking the offices below. The second exit provides access to the Server area and the Heists Setup Room.

War Room

The War Room is a circular room containing eight ceiling mounted curved displays surrounding a central circular control for the Orbital Cannon.


The lounge is a rectangular room with seating and a working Internet accessible iFruit computer and can be upgraded to include a wall-mounted TV. Once installed in the Lounge, the privacy glass feature can be turned on or off using the control panel located to the left of the main door when standing in the Lounge. By default, the privacy feature is disabled, but can be toggled on or off as desired.


Downstairs from the lobby and gantry, there is a large office space with 8 desks with triple monitor computer displays. A breakout space is directly beneath the lounge with with operational Vending Machines and tables and seats which is then followed by a second office space with a further 4 desks.

Open Server Area

At the far end of the office space on two levels are computer server towers which are attended by multiple NPCs in white lab coats, all wearing generic doctor ID badges from St. Rytkonen University Medical Center claiming to be "James Smith" Attending Physician.

If the Orbital Cannon is purchased, the server towers are visually updated to be twice as tall with a much cleaner design.

Heist Planning Room

Back upstairs, the final accessible room in the facility is the Heist Planning Room where Lester Crest introduces the player to Avon Hertz and Cliffford to set in motion the events of The Doomsday Heist itself. Players can access this room to play through the heists and return to replay any of them later.




Facility Image In-game description Price
Paleto Bay
If you're the kind of mastermind who likes the calming sound of the ocean to be audible beneath the maniacal laughter echoing through the cavernous halls of your secret lair, then this is the beauty spot for you. $1,250,000
Mount Gordo
Forget the scare stories; there are no ghosts, and no one does yoga here. The foothills of Mount Gordo are the perfect backwater spot for an off-the-books, nuke-proof hideaway. $1,465,000
Sandy Shores
These days, Sandy Shores is an up and coming second home hotspot for the criminally deranged, and here's your chance to jump the waiting list. Act now: in this neighborhood an abandoned military installation won't be on the market for long. $2,740,000
Zancudo River
This charming riverside spot is cold in the winter, baking hot in the summer, and has swarms of malarial mosquitoes all year round. You wanted secluded, well here it is. $2,100,000
Grand Senora Desert
A really fascinating site with lots of history and character. No need to worry about the small print, just tell your lawyer to sign. We are legally required to give notice of documents suggesting this site was recently a nuclear testing facility. No steps have been taken to ensure its safety. $2,525,000
Lago Zancudo
It might not occur to you to excavate a subterranean facility in marshland overlooked by the largest military base in the state. But now the idea's in your head, how can you resist? $1,670,000
Route 68
When you're thinking of investing in a labyrinthine military-grade vault hundreds of feet below ground, the address is everything. Just off the iconic Route 68, surrounded by mountain peaks, this little number is just the country retreat you've been looking for. $2,312,500
RON Alternates Wind Farm
You've always suspected the eco movement in San Andreas was a front for something, and now you know. The power from this wind farm has been redirected into your hot tub, and the turbines make an excellent deterrent to inquisitive police helicopters. $1,855,000
Land Act Reservoir
The only thing edgier than owning a sprawling underground facility is owning one that could fill with water at any second. Just avoid target practice near the east wall, and you'll probably be fine. $2,950,000


Customization options
Option Description Image Price
Facility Style 9 color schemes
Facility Graphics 9 wall textures and decorations*
  • Default $0
  • $77,000
  • $90,500
  • $106,500
  • $124,000
  • $134,000
  • $145,500
  • $159,500
  • $175,000
Orbital Cannon Weapons System
Security Room Surveillance and Strike Team base.
Lounge 3 levels of fit-out for the default lounge
  • Utility $0 (default)
  • Prestige $186,500
  • Premier $245,000
  • +$95,000

$95,000 for privacy glass

Sleeping Quarters Add sleeping quarters with 3 levels of fit-out.
  • Utility $150,000
  • Prestige $235,000
  • Premier $290,000

*The Facility Graphics will also affect the facility windows' pattern, and the wall's graphic inside the Lounge.



Opening Tour

Features and Details


GTA Online - All Facilities, Upgrades and Orbital Strike -The Doomsday Heist-

GTA Online - All Facilities, Upgrades and Orbital Strike -The Doomsday Heist-

The 10th Facility

A non-purchasable IAA Facility is located under the Radio Telescope Array & appears in The Doomsday Heist Act I Finale, The Data Breaches. In this version, the garage area is not present, the entrance elevator is directly beside the security scanner. There's an elevator inside this facility which presumably is normally used to access the lower levels.

At the opposing end of this Facility, the Heist Planning Room is replaced with a hallway which leads the players further into the IAA Facility, this section is not accessible in any player-owned Facility. Along the hallway, there are several rooms & internal stairwells leading down through level -2. A Server Room is located on the floor below (level -3) & is only accessible via an internal stairwell at the end of level -2. A larger War Room in this version is located on level -2 & has four terminals which are used to remote-control exterior defence turrets.


  • Sometimes after completion of the Doomsday Heist, military personnel can be found outside the player's facility. They will not attack the player if approached.
  • Depending on the amount of Doomsday Heist weaponized vehicles the player has destroyed, vehicle parts (e.g Khanjali's grenade launcher & door hatches) will begin to appear scattered around the Facility.
  • Owing to the continued presence of the IAA and its staff at all player-owned locations, it's very likely that the purchase of a facility is actually a co-ownership with the IAA instead of complete ownership like with other purchasable properties: apartments, yachts, offices, clubhouses, bunkers, and hangars.
    • A co-ownership also makes sense because the player does not have access to all visible areas within the facility (3rd floor walkway in the garage) despite the fact that they can customize the facility and expand it with additional features (orbital cannon).
    • Announcements over the intercom indicate that player-owned facilities also have non-visible areas which are inaccessible. For example, there's one announcement that states, "Bio-weapons containment area is currently in lockdown."
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