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Did somebody say Yoga?
— Fabien's catchphrase.

Fabien LaRouche is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto V.



As stated on his website, Fabien grew up in a small town in France. Later, in 1999, he moved to San Fierro, where he "knew he'd fit in". However, he was charged with crimes that were never proven, so he ended up moving to Los Santos. Fabien suffered through personal crises and poor decisions, which he managed to save himself by doing yoga in 2002. At the beginning of 2009, he learned various different yoga techniques, including how to feed himself individual blades of grass with his toes.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Fabien LaRouche: "You must be Michael. Namaste."
Michael De Santa: "Na-ma-go fuck yourself."
―Fabien and Michael when they first meet in Fame or Shame

In 2013, Fabien LaRouche is Amanda De Santa's private Yoga instructor. Due to Fabien's sexually-oriented methods, her husband Michael often shows annoyance towards Fabien, but Amanda claims Fabien is just a "close friend".

During an argument between Amanda and Michael, Fabien enters trying to calm things down by greeting Amanda and introducing himself to Michael, who promptly blows him off. Later, when Michael's old friend Trevor Philips arrives, he asks who Fabien is, who awkwardly introduces himself, followed by Trevor disapprovingly looking him over.

Later, during another argument, Fabien enters and asks Michael to join him and Amanda during their yoga session, despite Amanda's protests. The session goes well until Fabien tries to perform a suggestive yoga position on Amanda, which angers Michael, who charges at him. Fabien simply steps aside and Michael falls into his pool. Amanda, tired of Michael's anger and upset at his attempt to attack Fabien, takes her kids Jimmy and Tracey, and moves in with Fabien.

Whilst living with Fabien, Amanda, Jimmy and Tracey post Lifeinvader updates about their new lives. At first, Amanda has only compliments about Fabien, saying how he values her inner and outer beauty, whereas Michael ignored her. However, as time goes on, Fabien starts to bother Amanda. Jimmy and Tracey, however, never like Fabien and both claim he is extremely annoying.

Eventually, Jimmy, in the hope of bringing his family back together, returns home and reveals that Amanda and Fabien are hanging out at a nearby Bean Machine. Michael and Jimmy drive to the café, where Michael's attempts to politely settle things between him and Amanda are halted by Fabien insulting Michael and Jimmy. Tired of Fabien's ill-mannered behavior, Amanda tells Michael to hit him, with Michael obliging by knocking Fabien to the ground with another customer's laptop and Jimmy following up by kicking Fabien in the head. Following this, Amanda and Michael reunite and agree to try and fix their marriage and family. Amanda leads Fabien to her car and drives off, while Michael and Jimmy drive off to collect Tracey. Fabien is not seen again, but posts on Bleeter following the mission.



Fabien appears to be very sexually obsessed, as all of the yoga positions he teaches have sexual connotations. This is evidenced by the images on his website and his rule on palming: "If I gently palm your camel toe, accept the gift as it was intended." Because of this, and Amanda's previous affairs, Michael angrily equates these such yoga sessions with adultery. Both Amanda and Jimmy claim that Fabien has an anal sex fixation, and Tracey claims on Lifeinvader that Fabien once tried to seduce her by making her back into his pelvis after claiming her "energies are blocked". Later in the game, Fabien's snobbish, arrogant and highly uncouth behavior takes a toll on Michael's family. Because of this, Jimmy and Michael visit Fabien and Amanda, where Michael puts an end to their courtship.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto V



  • When playing as Michael, on the PsychicShoutout web-page the psychic hints that Fabien as well as many others have slept with Amanda.
  • The character on his shirt, "和“ is the Chinese character[1] for harmony.