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FMA Park Systems is a parking management company in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Their logo and colour scheme can be found on parking lot garage doors around Liberty City and the State of Alderney. Their logo consists of yellow lines and a circle intersecting, resembling a cross-intersection.

Their wide use across Liberty City and Alderney suggests the company is based on Icon Parking, one of the most widely used parking service in New York City.


They have several garages across Liberty City, including what appears to be their main branch, a large 11 story building in Westminster, located on the corner of Kunzite Street and Galveston Avenue. The building is one of the buildings to have the abandoned elevated railway running through it, and features a bridge connecting it to the neighboring building on the other side of Kunzite Street. The building is based on 459 West 14th Street in Manhattan, New York City, while the elevated railway running through the building, and the bridge connecting it to another building, is based on the Chelsea Market building. The lower levels of the building have been converted into a parking area and are open. Large signs for FMA are found around the building.

In the State of Alderney, one of their parking lots is located on a side street on Berchem, with accesses from Babbage Drive and Cockerell Avenue.


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