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Not to be confused with FBI Rancher. For other uses of the term FIB, see FIB (disambiguation).

The Albany FIB Rancher is a law enforcement SUV featured in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The FIB Rancher is a longer four-door SUV and retains the SUV appearance from the FBI Rancher from the 3D Universe games. Contrary to its name, this rendition is actually based on the Cavalcade rather than an actual Rancher, but features "flat" front-mounted bullbars, as well as the standard black body color, a siren and trunk lid-mounted strobe lights (blue and red), and an on-board police computer.


The FIB Rancher is still one of the best performing SUVs in the game as the FBI Rancher from the 3D Universe games, with good speed, good crash resistance and acceptable handling. Thanks to its weight, it can sort small cars easily. In addition, the FIB Rancher rendition, like most Police Patrols, grants the player five Shotgun rounds.

Unlike the 3D Universe counterpart, the sirens does not make any effect on the traffic, which could be problematic when escaping from enemies or missions that requires speed. Like the previous rendition, it cannot be resprayed.

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