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Protect the nations's important allies/customers as they try to depart LSIA by private plane and helicopter. Turreted Trailers will be provided for the purpose, and should be returned.
— Brief.

Exit Strategy is a Mobile Operations mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update.


The crew is instructed to take a Nightshark armored SUV and tow one of the three Anti-Aircraft Trailers with different armaments to complete the mission; if there are four players, a second Nightshark is provided as well. Agent 14 tells the crew that there are important international allies and customers that need to leave the United States before the assassins gets to them. The crew then moves to the marked hangar in the airport to initiate the mission.

The first dignitary boards the white Velum 5-Seater, and as soon as the plane's engine starts, a 3-star wanted level is triggered. The crew then defends the plane from oncoming FIB agents that arrive in FIB cars and FIB SUVs attempting to intercept the plane, along with Buzzard Attack Choppers.

With the plane out of danger, Agent 14 marks the location of the second Dignitary, and the team moves to protect him and his white Patriot personal transport. More law enforcement will arrive, this time including the LSPD in Police Cruisers and the NOOSE in Police Mavericks, while FIB agents will set up roadblocks. As the Dignitary gets into his white SuperVolito transport helicopter, more Buzzards will spawn in an attempt to intercept it, but the crew manages to keep it safe.

With the helicopter safe, Agent 14 marks the location of the third and last Dignitary, where the plane is about to leave the hangar from the west side. More law enforcement units will arrive, so the crew has to clear the runway from oncoming police cars and police helicopters.

With the last aircraft secured, Agent 14 informs that the last dignitary is safe and an international incident is avoided. The crew are instructed to leave the airport, evade the rest of the police reinforcements, and bring the equipment back to Cypress Flats. When the crew manages to get near the drop-off, police will no longer pursuit the crew, so they are safe to bring the vehicles to friendly agents with a Hauler and a container trailer ready to bring the vehicles back, thus completing the mission.

Mission Objectives

  • Collect an Anti-Aircraft Trailer.
  • Take the Anti-Aircraft Trailer to LSIA.
  • Take the Anti-Aircraft Trailer to the hangar.
  • Protect the first Dignitary.
  • Go to the second Dignitary's location.
  • Escort the Dignitary to the helicopter.
  • Protect the helicopter.
  • Go to the final Dignitary's location.
  • Protect the third Dignitary.
  • Leave LSIA.
  • Deliver the Anti-Aircraft Trailer to the drop off.

Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Gunrunning - Mobile Operation 3 - Anti-Aircraft Trailer (Exit Strategy)