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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

Executive Search is CEO/VIP Work featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Executives and Other Criminals update.


Executive Search is a Hide-and-seek game-mode which can be started by the CEO or VIP of an Organization. It is found in the VIP/CEO Work job list by navigating the Interaction Menu.

The VIP/CEO of the organization will be informed to hide in a specific portion of the map Blips-GTAO-ExecutiveSearch.png for 10 minutes. They will be unrevealed on the map shortly after starting the game mode. Associates of their organization have the objective of protecting the hidden VIP (who is visible only to them), while other players outside of the organization have the objective of hunting down the VIP. Numerous clues to the VIP's whereabouts become evident when in the search area, such as vibrations from the player's controller. They may also become visible on the radar for a brief moment when killing players.

The VIP will complete the mission if and when they survive the 10 minute duration of remaining hidden in the allocated area. Leaving the area will warn the VIP to remain in the boundaries, otherwise the mission will fail.

Typical payouts from the mission are $25,000 if playing alone. Having active associates in the session may influx the reward and will pay all associates the same reward. If the associate enters the area, they will be rewarded an additional $500, regardless of how long they remained in the area. If the associate successfully protects the VIP from at least 1 player, rewards of $2,000 are given to all associates and the VIP themselves. Associates who are in the same crew as the VIP may be rewarded further RP.

Other players whose objective is to kill the VIP will also be given $500 for entering the area, regardless of their success. Killing the VIP will also reward the player up to $30,000, dependent on time taken and amount of resilience provided.

Executive Search Locations

The location of the search area is fixed but is chosen based on the VIP's current location. There are a total of 25 locations around the state of San Andreas[1] and are all the same diameter. The locations are strictly based on land to avoid players going out to sea, although numerous boundaries do cover the coastal range of San Andreas. Locations are based in, but not limited to:

Los Santos

Los Santos County

Blaine County


All locations for Executive Search.

Instructional Messages

You have started Executive Search. Enter the area ~a~~s~ and survive to earn cash and RP.
You are now visible to all players, return to the hideout area immediately to return to hiding. Failure to do so will result in a loss.
Keep moving or you will become visible on the Radar to other players. When visible, your Radar arrow will turn red.
If the wanted VIP remains idle for too long, they will appear on the radar for a short period of time.
Your VIP has started Executive Search. Enter the area Blips-GTAO-ExecutiveSearch.png and protect them to earn cash and RP.
An Organization have started Executive Search. Search the area Blips-GTAO-ExecutiveSearch.png and take out their VIP to earn cash and RP.
An Organization have started Executive Search. Search the area and take out their VIP to earn cash and RP.



  • If the VIP takes the easy way out by using the interaction menu, commits suicide by explosives, or is killed by NPCs, the mission won't be registered as a fail for the VIP's organization, making it an exploitable tactic of completing the mission.
    • Similarity, any rival Mobile Operations Center that kills a VIP with the mounted cannons will not count as a kill.
    • If the VIP/CEO chooses the easy way out after being shot by a player, it will not count as a kill.
    • However, the mission still will fail if friendly fire is turned on and having bodyguards kill their VIP.
  • Spectating the VIP is disabled at all times likely due to players attempting to coordinate any VIP movements.

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