Excess Delivery is a side-mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The Excess Delivery mini-game is activated by entering any one of two delivery vans parked in two locations:


The objective of the game is to collect the designated packages before rivals in four gang-based Burritos do, then deliver the package to the designated person. A henchman will also follow and protect the player and the van from the rivals. There are 5 waves of packages to collect and deliver.

Depending on how many packages are delivered, a different medal will be awarded by the player: bronze medal for 3 packages, silver medal for 4 packages and gold medal for all 5 packages.

There's no time limit to do this mission, only a timer that indicates how long it took to the player deliver all packages. Once the mission is completed, the player can do it again, and try to beat his previous time.


  • This side-mission is similar to the mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories called Nice Package. In both missions, the player has to get a package whilst preventing rivals from doing the same and getting help from another person.


Once the player completes both Excess Delivery missions in Algonquin and Bohan with a gold medal in both, the player will unlock "Big Pants" - which doubles the carry amount of the duffel bag used in drug dealing.

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