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Excelsior is a company making razors in the HD Universe.


The company's "Excelsior Extreme 9" can be seen heavily advertised throughout Liberty City, on billboards, television and on radio stations in Grand Theft Auto IV, while in Grand Theft Auto V they can be seen advertised at 24/7 stores.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, some vehicles can be applied with Excelsior sponsored racing liveries, some examples being the Dynasty and Locust.


The company appears to be mostly based on Gillette. Excelsior's tagline; "It's what a man needs" is likely a reference to Gillette's tagline; "The best a man can get".


Image Name Price Primary Real World Equivalent(s) Appearances
Excelsior Extreme 9 Logo.png Excelsior Extreme 9 9$ each (2 pack costs 18$) Gillette Fusion 5 Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Grand Theft Auto V
ExcelsiorDoubleEdge-GTAO-Logo.png Excelsior Double Edge ? Grand Theft Auto Online



  • The word "Excelsior" is defined for being used to indicate superior quality of a product, which suggests that Excelsior razors are of high quality.
  • When Tuff Gong Radio is about to go to a commercial break after a song, Carl Bradshaw may advice listeners against buying the Excelsior Extreme 9, saying that using it might cut off the user's nose.
  • The "Excelsior Extreme 9" logo in GTA IV uses the Impact typeface, while the "Excelsior Doube Edge" logo in GTA Online uses the Helvetica typeface.