For the mission of the same name in Grand Theft Auto III, see Evidence Dash

"IAD took my car - that's a bid problem for me - there were certain things i should have got rid of in that car. Things that will take other people down. You've gotta get it back before my fucking squad catches up with it."
Wade Heston

Evidence Dash is a mission given to Huang Lee by Wade Heston in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


IAD stole Wade's vehicle that is full of evidence that can put Wade and his squad in jail. His squad is now after the car to destroy it before the IAD discover the evidence, but Wade says that his car was the last gift from his wife before she passed away, and it has too much sentimental value for him. So he asks Huang to get the car, destroy all the evidence and bring the vehicle back to him without a scratch.


Follow Wade's Admiral and make sure his friends don't destroy it. If you hit it, the driver will shoot at the player. Try to block the car with another vehicle to catch him, if the player doesn't stop the car by himself, the car will eventually come to a stop in Varsity Heights, where he can be picked. Drive it to the nearest Pay 'n' Spray, then find a secluded area, like an alleyway away from any street and pedestrians. Park the car and use the touchscreen to remove the files, light a match and burn them. Return the car to Wade in one piece and the mission is complete.

After returning Wade's vehicle, he confeses that his wife didn't die, but actually cheated on him with his best friend. That's why he became a drug addict. Huang asks if Wade is back on drugs, but he says that he is "clean and serene".

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take back Heston's car before his squad destroys it
  • Get the car repaired so Heston won't realize it's been damaged
  • Drive the car and park it in a secluded area so you can search it for evidence
  • Go to the rear of the car
  • Open the trunk, then empty the evidence onto the ground
  • Use the matches to light the pile of evidence
  • Return to Heston's car
  • Take the car back to Heston

Mission Replay Description

"IAD stole Heston's car.

They knew it was full of evidence that would ruin him and his squad.

I got the car back and destroyed the evidence. Man, I should open a fucking valet service for morons."



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