Posters for Exploder and The Discharger in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The Evacuator Trilogy is a trilogy of films in the 3D Universe made from 1984 to 1992, starring Jack Howitzer as Tim, a crazed ex-Marine who is recruited by the US Government periodically for various tasks such as search-and-rescue missions, working undercover as a special ed teacher, and traveling back in time.

The first two films Evacuator (1984) and Exploder: Evacuator Part II (1986) mainly focus on Tim venturing to Vietnam and Cambodia for rescue purposes and to kill Communists. The Discharger: Evacuator III (1992) is the third and final film which little is known about, other than that there are many posters for it around San Andreas, and that it seems to feature Tim travelling in time from the future as an African American android with a small minigun. A separate film Special Needs Cop (1992) features a far different story, with Tim flying out of Cambodia and back to the United States early in the film to teach a pre-school for handicapped children.

The trilogy parodies trigger-happy patriotic action movies of the 1980s with muscle-bound heroes, such as RamboCommando, and The Terminator. It also comes with its own action figure play set, though many figures and props are "sold separately," also a play on the merchandising of G.I. Joe action figures of the time, or possibly even the short-lived Rambo toy line.

Known characters

  • Tim, the mentally unstable Vietnam veteran protagonist
  • Ho Chi, Tim's Asian sidekick
  • Wandering Hands, Tim's Native American spirit guide


  • The first two films seem to be parodies of Sylvester Stallone's Rambo Films. Evacuator parodies Rambo: First Blood Part II, whilst Exploder: Evacuator Part II seems to borrow elements of Rambo III such as excessive body count, while It still carries many story elements from Commando.
  • The third and final film of the trilogy Discharger: Evacuator Part III. Film slogan "He's back, he's now black, and an android, from the future!". Evacuator III parodies Terminator 2: Judgement Day released in 1991.
    • Tim's race being black in the third film is a reference to a rumor that O.J. Simpson was originally chosen for the role of the Terminator in the Terminator series.
  • Special Needs Cop largely departs from the Evacuator title and storyline, instead mostly parodying the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Kindergarten Cop.
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