"Mr. Jimmy peeing in the saucepan again."
— One of Eva's random quotes.

Eva is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. She is the maid of Michael De Santa and his family. She can be seen wandering around Michael's mansion, occasionally interacting with various static objects and props around the house. She can be heard muttering under her breath about the family, mostly Amanda De Santa. She can sometimes be seen arguing with Amanda in the kitchen before they both storm off. She rarely speaks, but she speaks in Spanish when angry. She complains that Amanda likes to try on her clothes. In return, Amanda complains about her bad cleaning and gives her a pill. Michael however always compliments her on her cleaning.

It is implied that Eva is stealing from the De Santa's, as she will sometimes say "I only take home so I can clean for you!" She may also say, "I can't clean when people watching me!".

If Michael returns home directly after "Meltdown," she will scold Michael, saying killing the mercenaries "will leave stains."

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