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SecuroServ are on standby to extract some clients from a difficult situation. Collect modified buggies and get ready to clear their escape route for them.
— Brief.

Escape Escort is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the GTA Online: Import/Export update.


The crew is instructed to go to La Mesa and pick up the Rumpo Custom and a Ramp Buggy (up to three Ramp Buggies, depending of the number of players). The assistant informs that the SecuroServ's clients are under pressure from the law enforcement and they need an extraction team.

With the vehicles aquired, the crew is instructed to go to the Union Depository. The assistant receives an alert from SecuroServ, informing that the clients need immediate extraction and are surrounded by the LSPD. The Ramp Buggy drivers have to breach the roadblocks composed of Interceptors and Sheriff SUVs and go to the lower entrance of the facility, while the Rumpo Custom driver has to extract the clients.

Once the clients are in the extractor's van, the crew has to escape from the police while providing a clear path for the van, by using their buggies to flip any police car and vehicles out of the way. Players have to be careful, as there will be concrete barriers deployed next to the police vehicles.

Once the crew approaches to the tunnel under Fort Zancudo, police will no longer chase the team, so the van's driver is safe to carry the clients to the evac point. The clients will leave the area in a Dinghy and the mission is completed.

Mission success - our clients made off with a small fortune. Here's to their happy retirement.
— Assistant's text

Mission Objectives

  • Get in a SecuroServ vehicle.
  • Wait for your team to get in a SecuroServ vehicle.
  • Go to the Union Depository.
  • Wait for your team to get to the Union Depository.
  • Wait for the clients to enter the Rumpo.
  • Use a Ramp Buggy to help the Rumpo get to the evac. (Ramp Buggy drivers)
  • Deliver the clients to the evac point. (Rumpo driver)

Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Import Export - Special Vehicle Work 1 - Ramp Buggy Mission (Escape Escort)


  • The Ramp Buggy used during this mission appears with a spoiler and armor plating covering the roof and engine, whereas the model purchasable from Warstock Cache & Carry lacks these additions. This is cited in the vehicle's website description, which describes the vehicle as a model with "reduced armor plating".
  • Due to the scripted police vehicles overruling the actual ambient police response, Sheriff SUVs will commonly be seen around Los Santos during the pursuit, and Police Cruisers are found around Blaine County.