Eris is a manufacturing company for athletic shoes and apparel featured in both the 3D Universe and HD Universe.


In GTA III, some radio advertisements explain the "benefits" of working for the company. The company employee Joey, a child who "sewed his hands together", is a reference towards accusations of Nike's "sweatshops" and use of child labor in the manufacture of its products.

In GTA San Andreas, Eris shops can be found in San Andreas, although the player can only buy Eris T-shirts from Binco stores. There are radio advertisements for one Eris product, called "Pump-Up shoes", a parody of the real life Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes, which also sported inflatable air pockets inside the shoe. According to Eris, 'women love winners, and winners wear shoes.'

In GTA IV, it is revealed that Pete Vassal, one of the founders and board members of Eris, was involved in a steroid scandal in 2008, courting more controversy; inaccessible Eris shops also made a physical appearance throughout Liberty City. The player cannot wear anything made by the brand, however. Despite this, many pedestrians can been seen wearing Eris clothing, footwear and backpacks. It is possible that Eris was functional for the player in the beta version the game, but the idea was scrapped.

In GTA V, the player can find Eris shoes boxes inside Sub Urban and Discount Stores throughout San Andreas. The brand itself is also featured in the Leopolds store in Rockford Hills. Many golf players inside the golf club (such as Glenn Mather and Todd Rosenweig) wear Eris sweaters, and lifeguard units, including those in vehicles, sometimes where Eris life-jacket equipment. The GTA Online character can also buy an Eris clothing at any Binco or Checkout! store.


The company is a parody of Nike. Eris means 'strife' in Greek, whereas Nike means 'victory'. The logo is also somewhat similar to that of DC Shoes because of letter "E" being inverted, much like the "D" and "C".

Radio Commercial in GTA III

Eris Running Shoes (deutsch) - Grand Theft Auto III

Eris Running Shoes (deutsch) - Grand Theft Auto III

  • Voiceover: A good shoe starts from the ground up. At Eris we make high-quality footwear. In fact, you can find Eris running shoes in over 140 countries around the world. In the past, there has been some criticism about our workers. That's why I'm here in one of Eris factories so you can meet some of them... Excuse me, sir, do you enjoy your job here?
  • Child: It's fun... We get to play with knives!
  • Voiceover: Heh, I see... is there a real sense of teamwork?
  • Children: My friend Joey sewed his hands together!
  • Voiceover: Wow, you're learning some real skills! How about the salary and benefits?
  • Children: Yesterday, I made a dollar!
  • Voiceover: You see, that's the kind of dedication we have to our employees and the quality of our shoes. Eris Running Shoes. Always running... from something.

Footwear Made by Eris (HD Universe)

Asaltacunas Asaltacunas

Named after Ernesto Asaltacunas.

Badonkadonk Badonkadonk


Named after Tyrone Hancock.

Kombatt Kombatt


A play on the word 'endanger', hence the leopard spots, as the leopard is endangered and likely skinned to make the shoes.

Pawz Pawz
Pinch Pinch
Pump Up Ltd Pump Up Ltd.
Turbo Turbo


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto IV

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  • Derrick McReary purchases his clothing from this store.
  • The first letter in the Eris logo is actually a symbol of the 5 fingered hand of Eris, a logo in the Principia Discordia as a symbol of the same-named goddess of Chaos. This is a nod to the cult of "Discordianism", a popular mock-religion popularized by The Illuminatus Trilogy.
  • In Playboy X's penthouse, there is an Eris box with one shoe in it.
  • Some enemies wear Eris T-shirts in Rockstar's Max Payne 3.The brand also makes a brief appearance in Rockstar's Manhunt.[1]
  • Eris could be a reference to "aris", a Cockney slang word for buttocks.

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