"Calm down? There's a fucking price on me, and you're telling me to calm down? I'm going to stay near the chopper. You dumb fucks do your job!"
― Enzo Bonelli

Enzo Bonelli is a minor character featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


Bonelli is the leader of a powerful, unspecified crime family that operates in Los Santos, who used his criminal connections to become a real estate developer by securing the majority of all city contracts through extortion, murder and labor racketeering. His hostile takeover left most of the city's older real estate firms in ruins, including Gold Coast Developments, a firm in which Lester Crest has a great sum of personal stock.

To keep Gold Coast from going under, Lester hires Franklin Clinton to assassinate Bonelli at his construction site in Downtown Los Santos. However, Lester's contact within Bonelli's organization betrays him and informs Bonelli of the upcoming hit, leading the mobster to tighten security in the building. Nonetheless, Franklin shoots his way through the guards at the construction site and catches up to Bonelli as he is trying to escape in a helicopter. Franklin kills the last of Bonelli's men and shoots down the helicopter, causing Bonelli to be killed in the ensuing crash and explosion.

After Bonelli's death, the stock for Gold Coast Developments receives a massive bump in share prices.

Mission Appearances


  • Bonelli is described as a mob boss on Weazel News following his death; however it is unclear if he is the boss of a Los Santos crime family, one of the five families of Liberty City or a crime family from another city, such as Chicago Outfit in Chicago, which the real life Los Angeles Crime Family is an offshoot of. It is possible that he is merely a capo of a satellite crew from a family outside of the city.
  • It is hinted that he may have a relative, as evident by the vehicle collection "Molten Metal" under the name of "Ronnie Bonelli".


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