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Calm down? There's a fucking price on me, and you're telling me to calm down? I'm going to stay near the chopper. You dumb fucks do your job!
— Enzo Bonelli

Enzo Bonelli is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Bonelli is described by Lester Crest as an ex-mafia guy turned real estate developer who had bullied his way onto half the building contracts in Los Santos through extortion, murder and labor racketeering. Weazel News reports after his death also call him a rumored mafia boss with links to organized crime. His character model is not unique but always uses the same generic business-suited Pedestrian model. His bodyguards are high security models with suits and earpieces.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

His hostile tactics left most of the city's older real estate firms struggling, including Gold Coast Developments, a firm in which Lester Crest has a great sum of personal stock.

To keep Gold Coast from going under, Lester hires Franklin Clinton to assassinate Bonelli at his construction site in Downtown Los Santos. However, Lester's contact betrays him and informs Bonelli of the upcoming hit, leading him to increase his security at the building. Lester warns Franklin to go prepared for the increased muscle.

Upon arrival at the site, Bonelli is seen in a short cutscene entering a construction elevator to the top level, ordering his bodyguards to "do their job" while he waits near his helicopter.

Nonetheless, Franklin shoots his way through the guards at the construction site and catches up to Bonelli as he is trying to escape in the helicopter. Franklin kills the last of Bonelli's men and then shoots down the helicopter, killing him.

Mission Appearances

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