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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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I mean, much as I love hitting the toot with lonely old rich guys in the hills, but it's getting a bit bit boring, innit? Not very... spiritual. Somewhat lacking in the old transcendental power of a bunch of nutters giving it some!
— English Dave

David, better known as "English Dave", is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto Online.


English Dave has a very British personality, he speaks in a strong cockney accent, using British slang or phases during dialogue, and commonly refers to the city of London.

English Dave has a very laid back and peaceful tone, his character is extremely spiritual at times, often bowing in respect to greet someone with “One love”, or meditating with others in seemingly inappropriate places.

English Dave also has a cocaine addiction, and has stated that he’s failed rehab on multiple occasions, even with the help from psychiatrists. It’s evident that he still uses, as he commonly offers Tony the drug when setting up the Player’s nightclub.

Dave is very difficult to anger, and has only a few lines of dialogue where he is actually aggressive: If the player’s Nightclub popularity dips below 50%, the player will eventually receive a call from English Dave, wherein he will be very annoyed to how they have been mistreating his services and suggests that they do some club promotions immediately.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

After Hours

And, what kind of crowd do you want in this, ah, paradise?
— English Dave to Tony Prince about the nightclub.

Dave is an associate of Tony Prince who is enlisted by Tony and the GTA Online Protagonist to help with setting up a successful nightclub in Los Santos in 2018.

After introducing himself to the player and dismissing Lazlow Jones, Tony introduces Dave who recommends European DJ talent to make the new club successful. After completing some basic setup alone, the player travels to LSIA with Dave to pick up Solomun, the first DJ he has booked. They then have to chase Solomun's private jet until it crash-lands at Sandy Shores Airfield.

Lads, lads... Peace and love... Big up the London massive.
— English Dave meeting Tale of Us at the LSIA.

If the player chooses to book Tale of Us, Dave will call them and tell them that they need to use an Enus Stafford to collect them at LSIA. Since they cannot hire one, the player is required to steal one from a transporter. Once the player steals the car, they meet Dave at the airport waiting for Tale of Us to arrive. They then drive Dave and the DJs to the club in the Stafford when it is revealed that there was no such rider and any car would have sufficed, a mix-up Dave blames on Lazlow Jones.

After the player books Dixon they are called by Dave and told to meet the pair at The Richman Hotel. When the player arrives it is revealed that Dave has just been robbed of Dixon's backpack but he spots the thief hurrying past before he can leave with his accomplice waiting on a motorbike. While Dave distracts the unaware Dixon, the player has to follow and kill the thief to retrieve the stolen bag, return to the hotel and drive Dave and Dixon back to the club.

Once the player books the fourth and final DJ, The Black Madonna, they receive a call from Dave informing them that she has been arrested at a rave and needs to be airlifted out via a Cargobob. Once the player rescues her (and indirectly a police officer) and returns to the helipad near Vespucci beach they proceed to drive back to club.

When the player is not otherwise engaged in free roam activities, Dave may call them to ask if they can help out with the DJ's. These jobs include collecting or rescuing the DJ's friends, recovering stolen vinyl, or stealing sound equipment from AKAN Records.

The Cayo Perico Heist

What we gotten ourselves into, huh? Word of advice for over there. Do what I say, not what I do. Let's try and come out of this with all our ears and a bit of suntan, 'kay?
— English Dave to the GTA Online Protagonist.

In 2020, English Dave appears in the introductory cutscene when entering the VIP table area of The Music Locker nightclub, seemingly well acquainted with the Madrazo family as he converses and engages in activities such as drinking and even smoking drugs. English Dave will expand on some details about Juan Strickler on top of other ramblings. He then goes to the dance floor and leaves the protagonist to speak with Miguel Madrazo.

English Dave is seen once again when the player initiates their first scope-out mission, appearing at LSIA with two other female partygoers. He will explain and encourage the player before handing them a camera to take pictures with the two girls as he continues to explain the plan. His photoshoot is cut short when Keinemusik, Dr. Dre, DJ Pooh and Jimmy Iovine arrive to the airport to join them in going to Cayo Perico in Colombia. His brief interactions show he is well acquainted and good friends with all the respective DJs.

Upon the group's arrival to Cayo Perico, English Dave converses with Juan Strickler as he welcomes them, before joining him in a Winky, with the protagonist driving, going to the Cayo Perico Beach Party. On the way, he offers up a USB stick containing a mix to "get them in the mood" which Juan throws away. After Juan's speech and shoutout at the party, English Dave will instruct the player to blend in a bit and look for an opportunity to slip past security in order to begin scoping out the island before returning to Los Santos.

When the player is done scoping out the island, English Dave will meet the player back at the airstrip but decides against returning to Los Santos, stating that he'll find his own way back. He continues to reside at Cayo Perico, usually at the beach party, either dancing or meditating at the water's edge.

During The Cayo Perico Heist, English Dave can be found in a locked cage next to Juan Strickler's panther cage, seemingly high and unaware of his surroundings. He will be shirtless and wearing a bandanna. If the player raises the alarm, English Dave will cower in fear in the corner of his cage, but if stealth has yet to be broken, he will wander aimlessly in his cage, making random comments and other non-sense. He may also be seen sitting on the floor, meditating.

English Dave is not rescued by the protagonist, but he will send a text message informing the player that he remembers some of the events that unfolded and is now back at Los Santos after being released by Juan Strickler. Despite being previously released from captivity, he may randomly appear in the cage in subsequent heist repeats.

After the Heist, he will return to the beach party and enlist the help of the player to run errands for Keinemusik. He will be seen once again at the water's edge or on the dance floor. Upon completion of Keinemusik's errands, Dave will gift his Weevil to the player.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto Online

After Hours

The Cayo Perico Heist



  2. "Unknown caller" in DJ Requests - If the player doesn't have his contact unlocked from the Nightclub introduction.