Endeavour Chambers is a unseen character featuring in both Grand Theft Auto: London 1969.

Chambers is a British government secret agent who catches the attention of pimp Jack Parkinson, as Chambers flirts with Jack's girls. The protagonist is told to steal Chamber's car, but finds out that Hans Nemesis, an Austrian terrorist whom Chambers was following, has gotten control of a ICBM missile. The protagonist manages to stop the missile from launching.


  • Chambers's unseen superior often finish sentences with "For England, Chambers!" or "For the Queen, Chambers!"
  • Chambers shares many traits with James Bond, even down to being scolded by his superiors for spending time chasing women instead of doing his duty for King and country.
  • Chambers' car is a Jug Swinger, based on a Jaguar which James Bond sometimes drove in the films. When entering his car, the "GTA Spy Theme" will play, that is a James Bond-style music.