Elvis Impersonators are a type of pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto 2 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


They appear in chains around the whole city, and aren't common. Killing them all in 5 seconds will grant Claude the Elvis Has Left the Building! bonus.

GTA 2: The Movie

In the penultimate scene, Claude Speed brings a group of Russian mobsters to a bar frequented by Rednecks and Yakuza enforcers, and Elvis appears to be performing live on stage. It is unclear if this is meant to be the real Elvis or an impersonator.

GTA Advance

One of the Scorelli's goons killed by Mike, looks like Elvis.

GTA San Andreas

They are very commonly spotted around Las Venturas, however they are just regular pedestrians and, in a cheeky example of Racelifting, black, hispanic or Indian. Carl will get nothing for killing them, except some cash that they may drop.

The "Black Elvis" gag may well be a reference to the Kool Keith album of the same name.


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