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Elmo is the leader of the Loonies in the game Grand Theft Auto 2.


The Loonies owe the Yakuza large sums of money but Elmo refuses to pay. Claude, under orders of Johnny Zoo, destroys the Loonies "Happy" gas tanks to send Elmo a message. Elmo than enlists Claude's help to destroy the Yakuza. Elmo has Claude attack a pizza restaurant, destroy the Futuro FM headquarters, destroy the Yakuza owned J-Lab, steal a Dementia Limousine, kill three Zaibatsu Corporation hitmen, murder many taxi drivers and destroy three Taxi's, and finally slaughter three high-ranking members of both the Zaibatsus and Yakuzas, causing a gang war between them. All three, the Yakuza, Zaibatsus and the Loonies were weakened by Claude as he was working for all 3 gangs in the district. Elmo, Johnny Zoo, and Trey Welsh attack Claude, but they all end up getting killed. He uses a flamethrower on the last mission, and drives a black Dementia.

Mission Appearances

  1. Radio Za-Za! (Boss)
  2. Pizza Cake! (Boss)
  3. Who's Mad? / Who's Behind You! (Boss)
  4. Destroy J-Lab! (Boss)
  5. Dimentia To Go! / Getta Isetta! (Boss)
  6. Taxi Drivers Must Die! (Boss)
  7. Gang War A-Go-Go!
  8. The Final Job! (Killed)


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