Electrolyte is a sports drink brand appearing in the HD Universe.


Advertisements for the brand's "Xtreme Sports Drink" appear all over Liberty City and on the radio, all with the slogan "Push your body to the extreme - Then drink it back to health". However, the player cannot consume the product. The brand is mentioned in the radio advertisement to be available in the three flavours: Arctic Douche, Icicle Fire and Yellow Snow.

The brand is a parody of Gatorade and Powerade.



  • The name of the brand is most likely derived from the drink Powerthirst fetured in the 2006 satirical film Idiocracy.
  • Radio advertisements also state that the consumer will sweat the color of the energy drink. This is a reference to Gatorade commercials from the 2000s, where an athlete would literally sweat the color of a Gatorade flavor.

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