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Hello? Hello guards? Stop looking so fucking bored. This is a party island.
— Juan Stricker

El Rubio's Private Security[citation/verification needed] is a Colombian drug cartel and drug-trafficking private security guard force that appears as an antagonist group in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the The Cayo Perico Heist update.


They are led by the most notorious narcotrafficker in the world, Juan Strickler, also known as "El Rubio".

They are variously described as a cartel, employees, soldiers, staff, cutthroats and mercenaries, goons, and guards, but never named as a specific force in the game.

They have a cybersecurity team who operate in the United States' mainland, specifically Los Santos, San Andreas.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

Miguel Madrazo reveals that Strickler is one of the Madrazo Cartel's main drug suppliers. He occupies a secure private island, Cayo Perico, off the Caribbean Sea coast of Colombia. When the player first visits the island, they encounter Gustavo and Enrique, who drive up to meet Strickler and the freshly landed group. Gustavo is later seen on CCTV being fed to a black panther, for repeatedly embarrassing Strickler in front of his guests.

Armed guards are seen everywhere, on foot, manning guard towers and checkpoints. They are patrolling the waters in Weaponized Dinghies, and the roads in Winkies, Squaddies or on Manchez Scouts. Unarmed workers can also be seen at the airstrip, docks, tending the drug crops, and processing marijuana and cocaine. While scoping the job, if the player is detected by a guard, they will receive a gun-butt strike to the chest and be escorted back to the Cayo Perico Beach Party or Cayo Perico Airstrip. Enrique is stationed at the airfield and will assist the VIP Charter Jets Pilot when it is time to leave, and will be there to welcome the player on return visits.

When preparing for the heist, the player can encounter the guards in San Andreas. They can be found with the unnamed head of security, who must be killed to obtain the code to the safe in The Diamond Casino & Resort. A fingerprint fail-safe device must be stolen from the cybersecurity team's archives somewhere in Los Santos.

Players may encounter a sleeping guard somewhere in San Andreas who can be searched for a small key.

Once the player reaches El Rubio's Compound, there are general guards on patrol, a minigun-wielding heavy gunner in heavy body armor, and El Rubio's own personal bodyguards who know the face of every member and can see through any disguise.

The player can disguise themselves as a member of the guards during the heist to gain access to the compound, but this will only fool normal guards for a short period and will not fool the personal bodyguard team at all.

When scoping the island during a replay of The Cayo Perico Heist, El Rubio can be heard ranting over the loudspeaker about being robbed, at one point implying that he had the majority of his original guards killed for their failure in stopping the players. During these rants, he claims that he thinks one of his guards helped the robbers.

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Grand Theft Auto Online

The Cayo Perico Heist



  1. Guard 1: "Wait.. you mean you never did a shift at compound?"
    Guard 2: "Nah man. Here, the docks... that's it."
    Guard 1: "Seriously? You should get Nicolas to put you on the compound... it's fucking crazy in there."
    Guard 2: "Yeah, like what?"
    Guard 1: "Like what? Like what do you think? Watch out for his little private bodyguards though... they are real assholes."
    —2 neutral guards at the airstrip, overheard during the heist finale.

  2. Did Felipe give you the keys?
    — A guard in the Finale

  3. Where's Johan? He was supposed to give me the keys.
    — A guard in the Finale

  4. Yeah, Cesar does. I was talking to him just now.
    — A guard in the Finale

  5. Did you see Esteban? He has the keys.
    — A guard in the Finale

  6. Did Fabian return the keycard?
    — A guard in the Finale

  7. Have you seen Ricardo? He was supposed to give the keycard at the end of his shift.
    — A guard in the Finale

  8. Me? Nothing. Camilo took him behind a rock.
    — A guard in the Finale

  9. Gomez. Report to my quarters, now.
    — El Rubio in the Finale

  10. Matias? Matias, where did you go? We're all waiting for you here.
    — El Rubio in the Finale

  11. Klaus! Report to the panic room!
    — El Rubio in the Finale

  12. If any of you are wondering what happened to Garcia, try coming into my study without announcing yourself, you'll soon find out.
    — El Rubio in the Finale

  13. Used by El Rubio's drug smugglers, seen during Heist Prep: Gather Intel and Heist Prep: Velum
  14. Used by El Rubio's Cybersecurity, seen during Heist Prep: Fingerprint Cloner
  15. Seen parked inside El Rubio's archive, during Heist Prep: Fingerprint Cloner
  16. Seen when the security guards weapons are fully weakened by Heist Prep: Disrupt Weapons.
  17. Only when the security guards weapons are fully weakened by Heist Prep: Disrupt Weapons

  18. Seen when the lights and cameras are disabled by the player in the The Cayo Perico Heist Finale.
  19. Used by Cybersecurity team in Heist Prep: Fingerprint Cloner.
  20. Used by Cybersecurity team in Heist Prep: Fingerprint Cloner.
  21. Used in Heist Prep: Safe Code.
  22. Used in Heist Prep: Safe Code.
  23. Enrique and beach party security only.