The El Quebrados Sheriff's Station, also known as simply "El Quebrados Sheriff"[1], is a police station of the San Andreas Police Department in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Tierra Robada, San Andreas.


The station appears as a renovated hut transformed into a small sheriff station, with a parking lot out front and a sign reading "Sheriff El Quebrados" on the side of the main road. A the back of the station is a yard bordered by a brick wall and metal fencing. Another sign is found at the back of the station.

Barbara Schternvart, one of the six possible girlfriends that Carl Johnson can date, is stationed as a police officer at this station.

Two random vehicles can spawn in the parking lot, as well as a Ranger. The Ranger has a unique license plate reading "CUFFS". It will only spawn when dating Barbara Schternvart. It will be locked unless the player gains 50% relationship with Barbara.


The station is inaccessible to the player. However, with the Hot Coffee modification, the station "house" can be seen briefly albeit only during the minigame. The interior can, however, be accessed through the Hidden Interiors Universe glitch. The interior has a copy room, main office and 2 cells. When restored, it becomes apparent that the player would have had sex with Barbara in one of the jail cells.




  1. As seen on the main signs


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