The lighthouse as seen in the PC version.

El Gordo Lighthouse is a small settlement in Grand Theft Auto V, located along the east coast of San Andreas.


The grounds contain a house composed of Cape Cod architecture and a lighthouse on an island a few hundred feet away. It is located in Cape Catfish, Blaine County.

A Surfer and a Tractor commonly spawn behind Ursula's house. Two bicycles also spawn nearby; one is leaning up against the fence in front of Ursula's house but cannot be taken; the other spawns in the parking shed in front of the house.


The house itself bears a strong resemblance to the Point Fermin Lighthouse found in San Pedro, Los Angeles.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

The lighthouse is the drop off point during the Series A Funding finale, Trevor meets the drug buyer near the house, but turns out that the drug deal was a sting operation ran by DOA agents.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online

Vehicle Cargo
  • A target vehicle may be located outside the house in a race bet. The owner of the vehicle will be at the scene and act hostile once the player races to the location.
Freemode Events

Notable Residents

  • Ursula (only known resident here)
  • Ursula's mother (deceased)


  • A stunt jump takes place in the area around the lighthouse. The player is required to jump off a cliff located on the mainland, over the water, and land perfectly on the base of the lighthouse platform to successfully complete the stunt jump.



  • The lighthouse in Cape Catfish was featured in an Epsilon Program video.
  • According to Ursula, a gardener used to visit her a few times a week, but claims he fell off the cliff one day.