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These Hispanics gangsters, always strutting. Have you noticed this? I gave a man from El Burro Heights credit for a manly car, an orange Dominator, but his credit history is anything but manly, so I feel we should take it back. This is gang territory, but you are tough yes? You can handle this? Good.
— Description

El Burro Heists is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Simeon Yetarian. It is available for up to 4 players.


Simeon gave credit to a Vagos' member with a Dominator. However, Simeon saw that his credit history is anything but manly, and doesn't believe that he can stay with the car. So Simeon orders the team to get it back. The gangster is in El Burro Heights, hence the name of the mission, with few Vagos bodyguards. Once the team kills them all, the player who is driving will need to take the car quickly back to the dealership, or more Vagos will chase after the player and try to get the car back.

Mission objectives

  • Repo the Dominator.
  • Deliver the Dominator to the dealership.

Video walkthrough


  • El Burro Heights, the main setting of the mission is a Marabunta Grande territory. However the Vagos controlled the neighborhood during this mission only. It is unknown why the Marabunta Grande didn't appear instead.
  • A couple of Vagos will charge you with baseball bats during the fighting, making this an easy opportunity to collect the melee weapon.