El Burro Heights Fire Station is the LSFD station number 7, and serves the East Los Santos area in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Fire Station 7 is located on Capital Boulevard near the intersection with El Rancho Boulevard in El Burro Heights, Los Santos. It serves the entire area of East Los Santos.

Situated next to St. Fiacre Hospital, it is a big building, one of the biggest fire stations in the state. The central part of the building has two floors with 2 fire poles for rapid access from the top floor to the 6 appliance bay garage, where the fire engines spawn. The biggest part of the rest of the building has only one level, occupied by offices. A practice tower is located to the west of the offices and a water storage tank is located to the east side.

Outside, firefighters can usually be found smoking or talking. Fire trucks usually leave the station with sirens off through Capital Boulevard.





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