El Burro Heights is a suburban neighborhood in East Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It borders Murrieta Heights to the north, Palomino Highlands to the east, Terminal to the south, and La Mesa and Cypress Flats to the west.


El Burro Heights is a primarily suburban area but not affluent. The houses in the area are low-end and are usually small. Lawns are uncut, walls are cracking, and cars are stolen. Gangsters from different Hispanic gangs can be seen patrolling the neighbourhood, especially at night.

Events of GTA Online

During the mission El Burro Heists, Simeon Yetarian orders the online players to repossess a car being possessed by gang members in the neighborhood, strangely, the Vagos will be protecting the car all over the neighborhood, and not the Marabunta Grande.

The Dinghy for the heist setup mission Humane Raid - EMP must be collected in El Burro Heights.


The neighborhood is based on Signal Hill, California.

Gang Control

This neighborhood is fully controlled by the Marabunta Grande. Rarely, Vagos members can be seen walking on the border of El Burro Heights and Rancho.

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