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For another character of the same name, see Eileen.
I've got you by the balls now!
— Eileen In the Casino

Eileen is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Eileen is an elderly woman found in The Diamond Casino & Resort. She was added in The Diamond Casino Update along with eleven other unique pedestrians each with their own set appearance and several lines of dialogue. [1] Eileen is a stereotypical sweet-looking little old lady with a mouth like a sailor. Virtually every line of her dialogue contains a curse word of some kind, mostly attributable to not winning anything at the slot machine she is playing.

She wears pink, purple and yellow and has blue-rinsed hair. She is usually found playing slot machines throughout the casino.

Eileen's name is never mentioned as she is always in a monologue but her character model is unique and named in the game files. [2]



  1. Eileen's Quotes
    Playing slot machines
    • "I got ya by the balls now!"
    • "Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?"
    • "Come on you fucker."
    • "Don't you fuck me again!"
    • "Are you wearing that for a bet?" (to female protagonist)
    • "Fuckin' rigged!"
    • "Bite me."
    • "Bitch."
    • "Fuckin' machine."
    • "Fuck me."
    • "Fuck a duck."
    • "C'mon, dammit."
    • "Shit, drop already!"
    • "You shittin' me?"
    • "Drop you bastard."
    • "Oh shit."
    • "Ah bullshit."
    • "Ah this is horseshit."
    • "Goddammit."
    • "Bastard!"
    • "Ah, bite my ass."
    • "Fuck."
    • "What the hell?"
    • "Shitbag."
    • "Cocksucking machine."
    • "Piece of shit."
    • "Motherfucker!"
    • "Son of a bitch."
    • "You little bitch."
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