"It's all about you."
— Brand slogan

Ego Chaser Energy Bars is a brand of chocolate bars featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The brand sponsors sporting events in Los Santos, San Andreas, mainly the triathlons and the North Point Trim Track in Paleto Bay.

Ego Chaser Energy Bars are listed on the BAWSAQ, and have a website '', where the location of the triathlons can be seen. The player can consume Ego Chaser bars to get a small health boost. They cost $2 and can be found in 24/7, Limited Service and Rob's Liquor stores. Posters around the city and within the Bus (in the enhanced version) advertise the bars, with a person skydiving from a plane holding the chocalate bar.


  • Original with 20,000-gnarly calories.
  • Carbocide with 40,000-alen sugar calories.


  • American Butter Peanut
  • Tropical Caramel Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate

TV Commercial



  • The in-game ad material indicates that the bar contains 20,000 calories. However, it breaks this down as 300 grams of fat, 212 grams of carbohydrates, 152 grams of sugar, and 137 grams of protein. In total, those ingredients would only add up to just over 4,700 calories. This suggests that the company intentionally lies about the total calorie content of the bar to boost sales.