"The market’s about to be flooded with inferior product. I... WE... have too much invested in it to let that happen. I need you to get in some Lazer fighter jets and take out the planes holding product before they land. It sounds extreme, but these are desperate times."

Effin' Lazers is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Martin Madrazo. It is available for 2 players.


After learning that rivals are bringing in product to one of Martin Madrazo's markets, Madrazo wants the team to act on it before the planes that are carrying it land. Madrazo has left two Lazers at Sandy Shores Airfield for the team to use to do this.

Once the players have entered their Lazers, they will have eight real-time minutes to destroy seven planes carrying the product flying over San Andreas.

Once all the Lazers are destroyed, the timer will stop and Madrazo will send a text informing the players that the rivals have contacted Merryweather Security, who come after the team in five Buzzards. The team must take out all the Buzzards.

When all Buzzards are destroyed, the team must safely land both Lazers at Sandy Shores Airfield. Once that is done, the mission is completed.


  • As four of the planes spawn over Los Santos, it's quicker to have the team split up so that one Lazer flies to Los Santos, whilst the other takes out the planes in Blaine County, essentially saving time.
  • Always try and stay higher than the Merryweather's Buzzards, as the missiles will have less chance of hitting your Lazer.

Video Walkthrough

GTA Online - Mission - Effin' Lazers Hard Difficulty

GTA Online - Mission - Effin' Lazers Hard Difficulty


  • This mission was added to GTA Online as part of a group of new GTA Online Flight School Jobs, 2 weeks after the release of the San Andreas Flight School Update, on September 2nd, 2014. This was one of two new Contact missions added, along with Chop Chop.
    • It is also the only mission so far to have a 2-player availability from Martin.
  • This mission had a glitch after the 1.17 content update, the glitch being where one player would land their Lazer successfully, and the other player would be ejected from their Lazer and unable to re-enter, making the mission impossible to complete. The mission was made unavailable in the 1.18 update, however it was added again after the 1.21 update, with the glitch patched.


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