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Brucie: "That guy, Lyle, had a car worth stealing. Can you get it? He left it in an alleyway off of Yorktown Avenue in Steinway."
Niko: "If you pay like last time, no problem. Any risks?"
Brucie: "Nah, man. Easy as can be."
Brucie Kibbutz tells Niko Bellic about Lyle Rivas' car

Easy as Can Be is a mission for Brucie Kibbutz in Grand Theft Auto IV. Brucie tells Niko that Lyle Rivas left his car in an alley and it's worth stealing.


Brucie wants Niko to steal the car that belonged to Lyle Rivas, Niko asks if there will be any problem, but Brucie says that it will be "easy as can be".

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Yorktown Ave.
  • Walk round and get the car.
  • Drive to Brucie's lockup.


The player is required to head over to the location indicated to find Lyle's Oracle in a nearby lot. Once the player gets in, some thugs will pull up on every side and start shooting at Niko. One car is behind, one is down the alley on the right side, and another is at the end of the alley in front of Lyle's car.

Niko evades the thugs who then pursue and shoot at him. Niko manages to lose the thugs and deliver Lyle's car to Brucie's lockup.

Video Walkthrough


  • Niko will call Brucie confirming completion; Brucie will say that he should have fought the people going after the car.
  • Brucie will text Niko informing him to check his emails for extra work.
  • The mission Out of the Closet is unlocked.

Glitches and Oversights

  • Sometimes, the end cutscene will glitch, making Niko walk too slow for him to leave the auto shop.
  • During the opening cutscene, if the player has subtitles turned on, the player can see Brucie is working out, but Brucie doesn't count 34.


  • The title of the mission is taken from Brucie's answer to Niko asking if the job given to him may be risky.
  • If the player reverses the car into Brucie's garage, it will be facing in the opposite position in the final cutscene of the mission.
  • The thugs will also spawn if the player rams Lyle's Oracle with another car, they will also say Niko is trying to take the Oracle.
  • If the car explodes while it is in the cutscene, Niko will survive, although the mechanic will not. The mission will fail, but unlike above, the shop door will still be open, allowing Niko to leave.
  • If the player parks the car near Brucie's Garage without damaging it too much and driving it into the yellow marker, there will be a given chance that the player is able to go into the garage interior.
  • When Niko leaves with Lyle's car and turns left, there will always be motorcyclist driving by.
  • If the Oracle is destroyed, Brucie will comment that Niko "should have seen that jumped up punk driving around" in the car and that "at least he won't be driving it no more".