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Vlad: "Hey, Yokel. Your dumb cousin isn't here. Go get me a coffee."
Niko: "What?"
Vlad: "Get me a fucking coffee! Come on... I'll get you one. What? You keep staring at me, I'll burst one of your eyeballs. Gorgeous, this guy's a fucking creep!"
Vlad telling Niko to get him a coffee, which angers Niko.

Easy Fare is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by his cousin Roman Bellic to taxi a regular customer, Jermaine Andrews.

This Mission introduces Wanted Levels, and opens Vlad Glebov's mission strand.

Plot and Walkthrough

Opening scene

Niko enters Roman's cab depot, where Vlad and Mallorie Bardas are talking. Vlad and Niko exchange some unpleasant words when Vlad tells Niko to get him a cup of coffee. Roman walks in to interrupt the scene, and Vlad suggests he and Niko do him a few favors to pay off his debts. After Vlad leaves, Roman asks Niko to pick up a regular customer, Jermaine Andrews.

Driving Jermaine

Get in Roman's car.
Marker: Roman's Taxi
Drive to Rotterdam Hill and meet Roman's customer.
Waypoint: Apartment along Mohawk Avenue in Rotterdam Hill, Broker

Niko gets in Roman's Taxi and follows the GPS to Rotterdam Hill in BOABO to pick up Jermaine.

Take Jermaine to Masterson St.
Waypoint: Garage off Masterson Street in Hove Beach, Broker

He asks Niko to take him to Masterson Street in Hove Beach. During the drive, Jermaine will explain that there's a shipment of stolen auto parts in the lockup that he intends to resell; he just needs Niko's help in transporting them.

At the lockup, the first sign that something is amiss is that the door is open. Jermaine thinks the cops are on to him, and seemingly on cue two Police Cruisers roll up the street, sirens wailing. Jermaine panics and yells for Niko to get him out of there.

Lose your wanted level.

Niko receives a two-star wanted level for this incident, and must evade the police. The two options are to either out-run the wanted radius, or to use a Pay 'n' Spray (provided the Police don't witness the vehicle entering). The nearest Pay 'n' Spray is in Broker, just south of Outlook Park.

You have lost your wanted level, take Jermaine to Gibson Street.
Wayopint: Pay 'n' Spray along Gibson Street in Outlook, Broker

Once the police are no longer in pursuit, make the way to the GPS destination on Gibson Street, Native Engines, which also houses a Pay 'n' Spray. Drop off Jermaine, and try out the Pay 'n' Spray for free the first time.

After completion of the mission, Vlad will call Niko asking that he work for him, as Roman owes him money, unlocking the mission "Bull in a China Shop". Roman will also call Niko, offering him some work as a taxi driver. Later, Roman will call Niko again, informing that he is making prank calls to the police with a new friend; the call does not unlock anything.


Niko Bellic enters the cab depot and is greeted by Vladimir Glebov and Mallorie Bardas. Roman Bellic enters and Vladimir Glebov asks Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic to do him a few favors and Vladimir Glebov leaves. Jermaine Andrews calls Roman Bellic and Roman Bellic asks Niko Bellic to pick up Jermaine Andrews.
Vladimir Glebov: Come on, hottie, forget about that fat serf.
Mallorie Bardas: Vlad! Shut up!
Vladimir Glebov: But he's a serf, and you're a countless. Talking about serfs...
Mallorie Bardas: Oh, hey Niko.
Niko Bellic: Where's Roman?
Mallorie Bardas: Huh. Good question.
Vladimir Glebov: Hey, yokel. Your dumb cousin isn't here. Go get me a coffee.
Niko Bellic: What?
Vladimir Glebov: Get me a fucking coffee! Come on... I'll get you one. What? You keep staring at me, I'll burst one of your eyeballs. Gorgeous, this guy's a fucking creep!
Mallorie Bardas: Give him a break. He's new in the country.
Vladimir Glebov: I can see that. Did you walk here from nineteen eighty five?
Niko Bellic: Yeah.
Vladimir Glebov: Excellent! Now stop fucking staring at me. I mean, I know I'm good looking and everything, but come on.
Roman Bellic: Aah, hey, Mallorie. Hey man!
Niko Bellic: Hey.
Mallorie Bardas: Huh. About time.
Roman Bellic: Vlad... Vladdy boy... what's going on?
Vladimir Glebov: Roman! Roman boy... you tell me what's going on.
Roman Bellic: Nice aftershave! What is that? "Sex Pest"?
Vladimir Glebov: No, it's "Where Is My Fucking Money"?
Roman Bellic: I had it, I had some of it... then those Albanians you said you would deal with came and smashed my computer.
Vladimir Glebov: So it's my fault?
Roman Bellic: I didn't say that...
Vladimir Glebov: Good.
Roman Bellic: Anyway, Niko dealt with them... broke Dardan's arm, then beat up a couple more. Then we teach them a real lesson.
Vladimir Gleboc: Is that so? I'll tell you what... while you don't pay, maybe you and Niko can do me a few favors.
Roman Bellic: Sure.
Vladimir Glebov: Good.
Roman Bellic: Why not?
Mallorie Bardas: Later, Vlad.
Roman Bellic: What?
Mallorie Bardas: The phone's ringing.
Roman Bellic: Hey? Yeah... okay... no, I can't do it; my cousin can do it. Yes he can drive. No, he's not a cop. His name is Niko. He'll be right over. Niko, sorry to ask, cousin... can you go pick up Jermaine, one of my regulars? He's over on Rotterdam Hill on Mohawk Avenue.
Niko Bellic: Whatever.
Roman Bellic: What was this all about?
Mallorie Bardas: Niko came in looking for you and Vlad told him to get a fucking coffee and Niko didn't want to.
Roman Bellic: Coffee? What was he thinking?
Mallorie Bardas: I know.
Niko Bellic picks up Jermaine Andrews.
Jermaine Andrews: Thanks for coming. Can you take me over to Masterson Street?
Niko Bellic: Masterson Street it is, Jermaine.
Niko Bellic drives Jermaine Andrews to Masterson Street. (First Possible Dialogue)
Jermaine Andrews: Shit. I thought Roman was gonna pick me up. I need someone I can trust for this run.
Niko Bellic: I'm Roman's cousin. If you can trust him, you can trust me.
Jermaine Andrews: Ahh, he told me about you. You're Niko, right? The hotshot lady's man, cruising around the Mediterranean, breaking hearts and making millions?
Niko Bellic: Yeah, I traded in the yacht for this cab. That's exactly the kind of bullshit I can imagine Roman making up. You've got to give him credit for his imagination.
Jermaine Andrews: Yeah, you gotta. I had a feeling you sounded too good to be true. The question is, are you willing to get your hands dirty?
Niko Bellic: My hands haven't been clean for a long time. Being in Liberty City is just making them dirtier.
Jermaine Andrews: Ok, ok. I've got to pick up some hot parts from my lockup, you down?
Niko Bellic: I ain't got no problem with that. Just don't tell me if you stole this shit from a hospital or a school for sick kids. My conscience is troubled enough already.
Niko Bellic drives Jermaine Andrews to Masterson Street. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Jermaine Andrews: Thanks for coming. Can you take me over to Masterson Street?
Niko Bellic: Masterson Street it is, Jermaine.
Jermaine Andrews: Where's Roman? Are you a cop? You've got to tell me if you're a cop. That's the law.
Niko Bellic: Actually, I don't think I would have to tell you if I was a cop. That's just some bullshit that cops circulate to trick people into doing deals with them.
Jermaine Andrews: So, you're not a cop?
Niko Bellic: No, I tried to join the LCPD.
Jermaine Andrews: Yeah...
Niko Bellic: I'm Niko, Roman's cousin.
Jermaine Andrews: Shit, you just shoulda told me that. Jesus. You nearly gave me a heart attack. I wouldn't want no cop driving me to pick up a load of hot parts.
Niko Bellic: You shouldn't have said that, Jermaine. I've grounds to arrest you now.
Jermaine Andrews: Ha ha. That's a joke, right? A funny fucking joke. You should let your cousin stick to the jokes. Making funny don't suit you.
Niko Bellic arrives at Masterson Street. Soon, the cops arrive.
Jermaine Andrews: That door isn't meant to be open. Wait here while I take a look. The cops are onto me. Get us out of here! Lose the cops, man. Lose the fucking cops. Shit.
Niko Bellic tries to lose the cops.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Jermaine Andrews: I'm spinning out, man.
Jermaine Andrews: Get these cops off our tails.
Jermaine Andrews: Help man, you gotta shake these cops.
Jermaine Andrews: I ain't going down, man.
Jermaine Andrews: Get rid of this heat.
Jermaine Andrews: Lose the cops, man. Lose the fucking cops. Shit.
Jermaine Andrews: Shit man, you gotta lose these cops.
Niko Bellic escapes the wanted zone
[These dialogues will play in random]
Jermaine Andrews: I don't think they see us.
Jermaine Andrews: Now, if we can stay outta their sights for a little longer we be all good.
Jermaine Andrews: Alright, I don't think they know where we are. Don't attract an unnecessary attention.
Jermaine Andrews: Cool, I think we managed to shake them. We just need to lay low for another minute.
Niko Bellic loses the cops.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Jermaine Andrews: They're gone. Thank you.
Jermaine Andrews: Great, we've lost them. That's a weight off my mind.
Niko Bellic drives to Gibson Street. (First Possible Dialogue)
Jermaine Andrews: So, what brings you to Liberty City, Niko?
Niko Bellic: Roman, I guess, and some other things. I'm looking for something.
Jermaine Andrews: Good luck finding them. How's the hunt been going so far?
Niko Bellic: Roman has had some issues with loan sharks that needed to be resolved. There's this asshole called Vlad who he owes money to as well...
Jermaine Andrews: Good luck with that...
Niko Bellic drives to Gibson Street. (Second Possible Dialogue)
Jermaine Andrews: Did you come to Liberty City to drive cabs then?
Niko Bellic: No, I didn't. Just like every other chumps who gets off a boat here. I thought things might be more exiting. This is just the beginning. It seems I need to sort out my cousin's life before I can work on my own.
Jermaine Andrews: Oh yeah, what's wrong with Roman's life.
Niko Bellic: He appears to owe money to half of Hove Beach. I got rid of one group of loan sharks but this asshole. Vlad, he has his hooks into him as well.
Jermaine Andrews: Roman is lucky to have you here, Niko.
Niko Bellic arrives at Gibson Street. Jermaine Andrews then enters.
Jermaine Andrews: Okay, we're here. Thanks, man. Keep looking after Roman, a'ight.
Niko Bellic calls Roman Bellic
Niko Bellic: Roman, I got your friend, Jermaine, where he wanted to go.
Roman Bellic: Good Niko, thanks, thanks... can't talk, see you soon.
Jermaine Andrews is dead.
Niko Bellic calls Roman Bellic.
Niko Bellic: Roman, man, I got some bad news. Your client, Jermaine, he got hurt.
Roman Bellic: Shit, Niko. He was one of my only regulars. This ain't good at all, man. Later on.
Roman's car has been trashed.
Niko Bellic calls Roman Bellic.
Niko Bellic: Hey Roman, sorry about this, but your cab got trashed.
Roman Bellic: Niko, how come you trash my cab but you never trash those tanks you drive back home? This is real bad, man.

Video Walkthrough


  • If one were to get a 6 star wanted level before getting to the lockup, it will be reduced to 4 stars after the cutscene.
  • When the player receives the wanted level for going to Jermaine's lock up, they are given a tutorial for the wanted level system, this will remain unchanged even if the player has already seen the tutorial prior to this mission.
  • Jermaine's outfit will always consist of a hooded jacket and pants but the colors will always be randomized.
  • Abandoning Roman's car will cause Niko to fail the mission, and the game will say that Jermaine had been abandoned, even when Jermaine had not been picked up yet.