Easton is a neighborhood in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars located in central Algonquin, Liberty City.



Easton was designed as such that a stretch of Bismarck Avenue terminates directly in front of the Grand Easton Terminal, at the intersection with Hematite Street. The massive structure in the background is the GetaLife Building, also within Easton.


Easton skyline with the Zirconium Building towering into view.

Easton is bordered to the north by Jade Street (Lancet), to the west by Columbus Avenue (Star Junction and The Triangle), to the south by Garnet Street (Lower Easton), and to the east by Albany Avenue (Presidents City).

It is a primarily commercial area. The neighborhood is dominated by the massive Grand Easton Terminal adjoining the GetaLife Building, which spans from Columbus Avenue to Albany Avenue between Jade and Hematite Streets. The terminal, while not accessible by the player, serves as the major commuter hub of Liberty City, shuttling in businessmen and workers from the surrounding suburbs and locations all the way to the Midwest. Many outlets and stores can be found around the perimeter of the terminal, also making it a popular destination for local residents and shoppers.

The residential sector of the neighborhood is located along its southern face, featuring many hotels for visiting tourists and a few moderately-tall tenements.


Much of the neighborhood's key landmarks and buildings appear to be modeled after real-life buildings located in East Village, Manhattan, New York City. Much of the architecture is visually similar and the overall size is reflected.


The aforementioned Grand Easton Terminal is located in and named for the neighborhood, with entrances at Hermatite Street, Albany Avenue and Columbus Avenue, and the GetaLife Building directed connected to the northern end of the terminal. Also, a hospital can be found at the intersection of Jade Street and Albany Avenue, at the border with Lancet.


The Liberty City Subway system serves the neighborhood. The eponymous station is located on Columbus Avenue between Iron and Hematite Streets, along the neighborhood's border with The Triangle. The station is served by both the Algonquin Outer Line and Algonquin Inner Line; it's an important stop on both routes as it is the only transfer point in the entire subway.

Easton is also an access point for maintenance workers into a stretch of subway line between Easton station and Emerald station. Its maintenance access point, located off Bismarck Avenue, is used during "Three Leaf Clover" as an improvised escape route from Emerald station via the connected railway tunnel.



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