The Easter Basin Freighter is a cargo ship featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Easter Basin, San Fierro.


The ship is a large cargo ship with six cargo holds and a wooden staircase on the port side as the only entrance to the ship. The hull is colored green, and black below the waterline. The superstructure is white, with two exhaust stacks painted with a red, white and blue-striped livery, a radar and radio mast. For the most part, the ship is visually identical to the Da Nang Boys Freighter. The ship is uncontrollable, therefore it is considered a static object.

The ship is used as the drop-off point for the Exports and Imports sub-missions with a crane placed besides the ship. If the player imports a vehicle from a board which is located near the ship, the aforementioned vehicle will spawn on the top of the ship.

A Flamethrower can be found on top of the ship.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Carl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando arrive at the ship to steal a car from one of the containers on the ship. Carl operates the crane besides the ship in order to drop the containers down to the dock, allowing Cesar to inspect them. They are eventually able to find the car, however, security guards appear to stop them. After a brief shootout, Carl and Cesar kill the guards and deliver the car to the Doherty Garage.



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