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East Holland Drug Gang is a crack cocaine and heroin distribution crew of hustlers and drug dealers, based in the East Holland housing projects and led by Clarence Little.



Clarence Little is the head of crack cocaine and heroin distribution in East Holland, who also makes money through pimping. One of his clients was Francis McReary, deputy police commissioner. Francis McReary, worrying about his reputation, wanted his relationship with Clarence Little secretive. At some point Clarence started to blackmail Francis.

Events of Grand Theft Auto IV

Francis McReary hires Niko Bellic to deal with Clarence, offering him $5,000 as a reward. Niko can optionally kill Clarence from the distance, leaving his gang and bodyguards alive, or can storm the Housing Projects in East Holland, where the gang is based. In the process Niko eliminates the majority of the gang and confronts Clarence on the roof.

Clarence begs Niko for mercy, promising him to quit his life of crime. Niko can either spare Clarence of finish the job and execute him. If the first option is chosen, Clarence can be later encountered in East Holland, armed with Pistol. Clarence, wanting revenge for being threatened with his life attacks Niko with a Pistol. After the short shootout Niko kills Clarence.

Regardless of the previous choices, one of Clarence's lieutenants, is hiding in his apartment and threatens to expose McReary's involvement to the police. Once again McReary sends Niko to deal with the problem. Niko takes the position on the roof across the road from the lieutenant's apartment and lures him to the window, shooting him with a Sniper Rifle. After that the gang is never mentioned during the storyline and was most likely disbanded after their leader and most of their members were killed.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto IV


  • The East Holland Drug Gang share the same pedestrian skins as the North Holland Hustlers and the Hustlers gangs.
  • Even though they appear in two missions they are never seen on the streets.
  • It is likely that they are not based on one gang, but rather various small-time gangs that operate in housing projects in real-life East Harlem (which is East Holland) such True Money Gang, or T.M.G., at the Johnson Houses; Air It Out, or A.I.O., at the Taft Houses; and Whoadey at the Lehman Houses