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The East Beach Freeway Extension is a highway in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The East Beach Freeway Extension begins at an interchange with the Los Santos Freeway near Downtown Los Santos. After meeting the Los Santos Freeway, the East Beach Freeway Extension enters a depressed road cut and travels below street level where it goes until it reaches East Beach. In between these two places, the highway has three partial exits and it also crosses under the tracks of the Brown Streak Railroad. Near Grove Street, the highway raises slightly to cross over an open drainage system before heading ending in the neighborhood of East Beach.

There is a huge gap in the wall on the eastbound lane at Grove Street between the final two overpasses, giving easy access to the street from the highway.


The following is a list of exits on the East Beach Freeway Extension.

Exit # Destinations Notes
0 The beginning point of the freeway. The freeway meets in a T intersection with Saints Boulevard in East Beach.
1 On and off ramps for westbound traffic only.
2 Off ramp for eastbound traffic only.
3 Off ramp for westbound traffic only. An on ramp from Idlewood serves the eastbound part of the freeway.

Southbound Exit:

Northbound Exit:

The freeway comes to an end as it meets the Los Santos Freeway. At this point, traffic splits in either a northbound or southbound direction.


Unlike most highways in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, this highway caters to residential traffic. Traffic on here is often a breeze and a quick way to get to the Los Santos Freeway in either a mission or for wherever you have to go. In addition, drivers are much less aggressive as compared to other highways in the state.

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