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East Beach is a district on the north-east coast of the city of Los Santos. It is bordered by Las Colinas in the northwest, Los Flores and Ganton in the west and Willowfield and Playa del Seville in the south.


East Beach is a mixed commercial and residential district of Los Santos, and is prosperous compared to the neighborhoods surrounding it. East Beach contains a mixture of small to medium sized apartments and bigger buildings in addition to a large busy road and a popular beach. Despite gang activity, most of the area is middle-class, and the neighborhood is popular with tourists. Additionally, East Beach is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the city. The area also houses the Los Santos Forum.

Throughout the game's story, the Los Santos Vagos control East Beach, but it can be taken over by the Families if the player starts a gang war. The only known resident of East Beach is Colonel Fuhrberger.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

East Beach is a stronghold for the Vagos, and they often come into conflict with Families gang members who control Playa del Seville (specifically, the Seville Boulevard set). However, the Vagos' control of the area is rarely challenged, unless the player decides to take over the area after Los Desperados.

CJ and Ryder, during the mission Home Invasion, enter Colonel Fuhrberger's home and steal weaponry and ammunition; they then load up boxes of weaponry into a van and take it up to LB's lockup. Additionally, the district plays a role in the mission End of the Line, being one of the districts that are passed through during the game's penultimate chase scene.


East Beach is largely based on the city of Long Beach, California, which is part of the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, though the Los Santos Forum is based on the The Forum, is located in Inglewood, California (which is represented in the game as Idlewood).



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  • Grenades - On the second floor of the circular parking garage (on the same level as an NRG-500)
  • Micro SMG - On top the circular parking building holding the 2 NRG-500s

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