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You are one shit driver!!
— Earl

Earl is a minor character in The Lost and Damned.


He is a resident of Liberty City and a member of The Lost MC. He helps Johnny Klebitz during the gang wars, and in the missions Angels in America and Bad Cop Drop. After Brian Jeremy betrayed The Lost, Earl is still loyal to Johnny Klebitz.

If killed, he will appear in The Lost Clubhouse memorial wall. He can also be seen as a pedestrian in Acter and Broker.



  • Earl and Buck, like Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons, are often seen together in missions possibly hinting at a friendship between the two - like Terry and Clay.
  • He is also sometimes seen in Broker, this might mean that he has a relationship with the Broker chapter of The Lost Motorcycle Club, even though he is a member of the Alderney City chapter.
  • He is seen in bike races.
  • If you wreck Earl's bike, he will sit on the back of Billy Grey's Revenant.
  • He wears a green vest, but sometimes he also wears a blue jacket with black t-shirt. Though his bandana is always the same.