The EXsorbeo 720 is a video game console in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


In GTA IV, the console is briefly advertised on the gaming magazine Single Player, with its controller making a physical appearance inside Michael's mansion in GTA V. It is the most recent model of the EXsorbeo line of consoles. It is a parody of Microsoft's Xbox 360, with the controller's design being a combination of the Xbox and the PlayStation 3's controllers. The console is advertised at the XYZ Store in Morningwood bundled with AlienProber3 for $349.99.

Video Games (A-Z)

Image Name Type/genre Developed by Parody of
AlienProber3-GTAV-Logo-TextureFile AlienProber3 Shooter
AssassiansRevenge-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Assassins Revenge Action-Adventure? Unknown Assassin's Creed
Biocurse-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Biocurse First Person Shooter? Unknown BioShock
BrownStreak-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Brownstreak Unknown Unknown
ChildWhisperer-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Child Whisperer Unknown Unknown
DanceDanceManiac-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Dance Dance Maniac Dancing & exercise Unknown Dance Dance Revolution
DragOn6-GTAV-BillboardAd Drag-On 6 Fantasy role-playing Gamelords? Guild Wars 2?
FogOfWar2-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Fog Of War 2 Action-Adventure? Unknown God of War II
GolfWoodInTheRough-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Golf: Wood In The Rough Golfing & Sports Unknown
HollowSoul-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Hollow Soul Action role-playing? Unknown Dark Souls
KillEmAll-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Kill 'Em All Unknown Unknown
Pride not Prejudice First Person Shooter Unknown
Righteous Slaughters 1 to 6 (mentioned) First Person Shooter Misfire Games Call Of Duty
RighteousSlaughter7-GTAV-logo Righteous Slaughter 7 First Person Shooter Misfire Games Call Of Duty
RobotFuckfest-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Robot Fuckfest Unknown Unknown
Simplecity-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame Simplecity City-building game Unknown SimCity
TheHauntedRoom-GTAV-ExsorbeoGame The Haunted Room Horror game? Unknown


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