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An EMP seen during The Humane Labs Raid

"Do not drop it. I Have no idea what will happen, but the range of possibilities starts with international incident and gets worse from there."
Lester Crest

The EMP or EMP Device is a weapon appearing in Grand Theft Auto Online that can disable electronics, such as lighting, security cameras, and keypads.


EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse. An EMP is first seen in the game during the events of The Humane Labs Raid Heist, where it is stolen from the Military. Later, in the Silent & Sneaky approach of The Diamond Casino Heist, another model appears. According to Lester, this one is a prototype that is being developed at ULSA and weighs 'a ton'. Activation of the EMP shuts down power in the entirety of San Andreas.

The EMP is not obtainable nor usable outside of these missions.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The EMP is shaped like a hexagonal tube, about the size of a person. Similar to the Green Goo in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it emits a green glow, which can be seen rotating around its axis faintly.

It bears remarkable similarity to the EMP Device used in the film Ocean's Eleven, which is likely what the design was influenced by.

Mission appearances

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