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It's a disgrace having to beg for money. It's the 80s, and your only moral purpose is your own happiness, no matter what the cost to others! I've been abroad and I know what it's like, and let me tell you, the food's no good, the bathrooms stink and the money don't work.
— Dwayne Thorn

Dwayne Thorn is the host of the New World Order show on Vice City Public Radio in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Thorn believes in the superiority of the United States and is a member of the Epsilon Program.

Thorn dislikes Thorton, who calls into the show, due to his belief in Buddha. Thorn dislikes both foreigners and foreign ideas, considering Los Santos to have too many foreign people. Michelle, who calls in to New World Order, is sexually obsessed with Thorn.

Christopher Murney provides the voice of Dwayne Thorn.