Dwayne Forge's Apartment is an apartment located in one of the blocks in Northwood, Algonquin, Liberty City.


The apartment is located on the second floor, and has six rooms. It has one corridor, a bedroom, a bathroom, another bedroom, a living room and a kitchen.

The apartment can be accessed at any time as the door is unlocked. Inside, the rooms are very dirty, the bedroom has some blood stains, at the entrance, the corridor, the living room and some can be found on the wall. Many furnishes are broken. The living room has graffiti, and many magazines, newspapers, a plate of spoiled pizza and a pizza box. The bathtub is flooded, with a sock and beer can found floating inside. The room next to the bathroom has a broken, stained mattress and a drawer full of trash.

The radio station playing inside the apartment is The Vibe 98.8. In Episodes from Liberty City, this is changed to The Beat 102.7.


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