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"Fly past the lighthouse, through turbines, then over the dam into the beautiful city of Los Santos. Good Luck and Have Fun!"
―Race description.

Dusk is Rockstar verified air race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is available for up to 8 players.


This race was added on 14 October 2014 as one of 5 official Winning Selections in the Rockstar Social Club Flight School Creator Competition.


The race course (not full map)



"GunterDaPenguin has made the city the star of this Besra Race, a north to south tour at a time of day (hence the title) when the world beneath your wings has a stunning amber glow. Not that it's advised to spend too long sightseeing - challenging sections weaving through wind turbines and knifing between skyscrapers should keep your attention on the stick."
— Social Club


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