Searching a red dumpster in GTA Chinatown Wars.

"I always keep weapons hidden in dumpsters all over the city for emergencies just like this."
Ling Shan

Dumpsters are large bins used for storing waste and garbage. Dumpsters have appeared in all Grand Theft Auto games, but only in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars have they had an actual intended use.

GTA Liberty City Stories

In GTA Liberty City Stories, dumpsters are integral to the Trash Dash side-mission, which involves the Trashmaster garbage truck. Players must stop close to a number of dumpsters, which are colored dark green, within an allocated time in order to acquire more time and inch closer to completing the side mission.

GTA Chinatown Wars

In Chinatown Wars, the player can go up to a red or green dumpster to search it, in other words, conduct dumpster diving.

A minigame will start in which the player removes trash bags from the dumpster to find items. In the DS version, the game utilizes the touchscreen to remove the trash bags and collect the item. The touchscreen is replaced by button presses in the PSP version. Green dumpsters contain a number of items, whilst red dumpsters contain weapons hidden by the Triads. Once a dumpster has been searched, the player can come back to it some time later to search it again. While removing trash bags, cockroaches emerge. Only on the DS and iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad version, the player can squish these by touching them; the number of cockroaches squished is measured in the game statistics.

Dumpster types

Green dumpsters

These dumpsters contain an odd assortment of items, many of which do nothing:

  • Hotdog: Restores the player's health to full.
  • Hamburger: Restores the player's health to full.
  • Moldy Hotdog: Does nothing.
  • Moldy Hamburger: Does nothing.
  • $10 Note: Gives the player $10.
  • Dildo: Does nothing.
  • Boot: Does nothing.
  • Fish: Does nothing.
  • Condom: Does nothing.
  • Drugs: Gives the player a stated amount of a stated type of drugs. It's usually very rare, and in order to keep them, they must be stashed.

Red dumpsters

These dumpsters contain weapons that the Triads store around the city for emergencies. The following weapons can be found inside:

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