Dukes Park in GTA IV

Dukes Park is a community park south of Dukes Drive in western East Island City, Dukes. The park is east of the Humboldt River, west of Concord Avenue, north of BOABO, south of the East Borough Bridge, and south of Steinway Park in Steinway.


The park is near the Humboldt River and thus has a nice view of the Northern Algonquin skyline, most noticeably Hatton Gardens and Middle Park East, with the Colony Island Cemetery and parts of Charge Island visible. The Algonquin Bridge and the East Borough Bridge can also be seen.

The park is filled with trees and has a large Sprunk advertisement sign in the middle. However, it has outgrown vegetation, walls covered in graffiti and the pedestrian paths littered with trash, indicating the lack of maintenance to the park.


The Sprunk sign located in the middle of the park

The player can buy a Sprunk bottle for $1 from a newspaper stand near the stairway that leads to BOABO and use the binoculars to have a better view of the Algonquin skyline. The park also has a dock that goes by the water, making the park accessable by boat.

The Sprunk sign is inspired by a Pepsi Max sign on Gantry Plaza State Park in New York City.


The closest train station to the park is the Dukes Boulevard Station, which is closed for maintenance. The closest station in service is the Huntington Street Station in Cerveza Heights. The only street the park has a direct connection with is Creek Street, but it can be accessed by a tunnel that connects it with Steinway Park.


The only collectable in the park itself is a pigeon inside the tunnel connecting the park to Steinway Park. There's a stunt jump on the abandoned railroad tracks where the player needs to land in the park so it can be successfully completed.



  • The room where Niko Bellic fights Dardan Petrela during Bleed Out overlooks the park. The player can also throw Dardan out of the window and onto the park.
  • The real-life Pepsi Max sign was placed close to a Pepsi bottling plant that closed in 1999, hinting that the abandoned building adjacent to the park once belonged to Sprunk.
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