Dukes Boulevard LTA is an inactive Liberty City Subway station located on Dukes Boulevard in East Island City, Dukes, in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes.


The station is located along an LTA branch line that splits from the 3/8 Broker Line north of Huntington Street station. The station is the only terminus on the network. The station leaves the main line at a level cross T-junction, and it would be possible for a train to re-enter service towards either Francis International Airport or Huntington Street. Likewise a train coming from FIA (towards Huntington) or from Huntington St (towards the Airport) could terminate there.

According to signs posted on the street level gates of the station, the Dukes Boulevard station is closed as it is undergoing "works maintenance" and passengers must use another station. The closure is reinforced with the presence of fences, barricades, scaffolding and maintenance equipment on the platforms and tracks. Because of this, no trains serve the station.

Curiously, in the Vlad Glebov mission "Clean Getaway", the subway train Niko takes does stop at the Dukes Boulevard station. The train is not seen arriving at the station, as the cutscene ends with Niko on the platform. With the exception of a police barrier on the opposite platform entrance, no fences, maintainenance signs or construction equipment are seen on the tracks, which implies that the station is still operational at this point. During the mission, Vlad Glebov refers to the station as the E.I.C. Station.

In Episodes from Liberty City, the station is still closed but there are no signs explaining why, and no construction equipment can be found on the tracks.

A busker can be seen outside the station playing a saxophone.

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