Dukes Boulevard at night

Dukes Boulevard is the main street in Dukes, Liberty City.


The Boulevard begins at the intersection of Algonquin-Dukes Expressway in Broker, (The border for boroughs Dukes and Broker) and terminates at the starting/ending point of the Broker-Dukes Expressway. It cuts through Cerveza Heights for two blocks, until reaching Hooper Street. It cuts through East Island City, is one of the main neighborhoods in Dukes and the center of the neighborhood is on Dukes Boulevard, with a Bank of Liberty chain, at Harrison Street, The National Union of Contemporary Arts Building, at San Jacinto Avenue, and the LC24 Tower. It is used in the race 'Dukes Boulevard Race' for Brucie Kibbutz, In which the player races along the Boulevard. It's home to the inactive Dukes Boulevard Station in East Island City at the Steinway border. Real Badman who can be found as a Random Character, can be found sat on a bench, on Dukes Boulevard. Dukes Boulevard is a take-off of Queens Boulevard in Long Island City, which is a north-south/east-west diagonal thoroughfare in Queens, New York, in real-life.


  • Sometimes, at the intersection of this street to the freeway, regular cars use traffic signals in a reverse way. E.g. Red = Go, Green = Stop. However they do not respond to yellow traffic lights. This is most likely a glitch. This makes driving somewhat complicated and may result in damage to the player's vehicle.


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