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The Duggan Crime Family is a corrupt family of Texan petrochemical magnates that appear as one of the main group of antagonists in Grand Theft Auto Online. They were led by Avery Duggan, a Texan businessmen and private military corp CEO, until his death in 2019 upon which his nephew, Thornton Duggan, assumes leadership.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online[]

The Diamond Casino & Resort[]

In 2019, the Duggan Crime Family, mostly made up of hired Professionals, seeks to buy The Diamond Casino & Resort from its owner, Tao Cheng, a member of the Cheng Family, but first needs it to be destroyed to reduce the property value and enable them to buy everything at rock-bottom price.

When the family accepts to meet with Tao, the meeting goes sour, and Avery orders his henchmen to kill Tao, triggering a war between the Duggan Family and the Cheng Family, which leads to the destruction of Avery's assets and the assault of the Diamond Casino & Resort, which is then repelled by the protagonists.

Later on, Thornton, growing tired of Avery's increasingly destructive methods (which also risked their family collapsing) betrays him and hires associates of Tao Cheng to kill his uncle. He also wants to purchase the casino for his own personal gain, which also benefits most of the current Diamond staff, as it would mean they would keep their jobs. Tao's uncle agrees to this, contacting Tao and Baker from Hong Kong and telling them to sell the casino immediately in the hopes of avoiding police attention and further conflict with the Duggans. Tao and Baker had no choice but to accept Thornton's offer, as Tao's uncle provided most of the funding for the casino's construction.

The Diamond Casino Heist[]

After Avery's death, the Duggan Crime Family was largely weakened, with the few remaining members uniting behind Thornton and working as security staff at the Diamond, replacing Vincent and the old security team. They are further damaged by the events of The Diamond Casino Heist, which leads to numerous security shipments being destroyed, dozens of guards getting killed, and a significant amount of valuable goods being stolen from the casino.

The Contract[]

In 2021, the Duggan Crime Family hires the player to help them protect assets for the Diamond Casino when they are attacked by the Los Santos Triads. The player and several Duggan Crime Family members hold off the Triads at a storage locker in La Mesa.

Several of the Duggan Crime Family members are later hired to protect a Club Promoter who holds a copy of Dr. Dre's unreleased music, and Ben Brooks' Lawyer. The Duggans are killed by the player in both instances.

The Criminal Enterprises[]

In 2022, the head of The Los Santos State Gas Company, Mason Duggan, the brother of Thorton Duggan, purchases part of an advanced AI called Cliffford from the Federal Investigation Bureau in order to artificially inflate gas prices. An undercover International Affairs Agency agent in the crime family is made and captured by the Duggans, who prepare to sell her when they are attacked by the Marabunta Grande cartel. The player, working for the IAA, is able to enter the shootout and rescue the agent, who is taken to the hospital.

Afterwards, the Duggans move the AI technology around the city and deploy signal jammers to prevent it from being found. The player eventually locates the van carrying the technology and steals it.

Later, Mason Duggan sets up a deal between the crime family and the FIB to buy more of the AI technology. The player interrupts the deal, but Mason is able to escape in a helicopter, though the player manages to damage it. The helicopter makes an emergency landing and the player kills Mason, while recovering the AI technology.

Mission Appearances[]

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

The Diamond Casino & Resort[]

The Diamond Casino Heist[]

The Contract[]

The Contract: Dr. Dre

Security Contracts

The Criminal Enterprises[]

The Chop Shop[]




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