The Duggan Crime Family is a corrupt family of Texan petrochemical magnates who appear in The Diamond Casino & Resort update for Grand Theft Auto Online, they are led by Avery Duggan, a Texan businessmen and private military CEO, who wants to destroy and then buy The Diamond Casino & Resort, which triggers a war between them and the Los Santos Triads.

Events of GTA Online

In 2019, the Duggan Crime Family seek to buy The Diamond Casino & Resort from Tao Cheng, a member of the Los Santos Triads, but need first to destroyed to reduce the property value and make them enable to buy everything at rock bottom price.

When the family accepted to meet with then-owner Tao Cheng, the meeting went wrong and Avery ordered his henchmen to kill him triggering a war between the Duggan Family and the Los Santos Triads which led to the destruction of Avery's assets and the assault of the Diamond Casino & Resort, which was repelled by the GTA Online protagonists.

Later on, Avery's nephew, Thornton, hired associates of Tao Cheng to kill his uncle as he needed his money and wanted peace so he could buy the casino.

Mission Appareance

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