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Little Jacob's Drug Delivery is a series of side missions in Grand Theft Auto IV.


After Niko has completed the second mission for Little Jacob in Grand Theft Auto IV, he offers Niko work as a drug courier. From then on, whenever Niko calls Little Jacob for work, Jacob will give him a location where his "product" needs to be delivered. The drugs are located in a car parked next to the Homebrew Cafe on the Broker-Dukes Expressway.


Package in car beside Homebrew Cafe

Players need to get to the café and retrieve the package, but it is unnecessary to use the indicated car to do the jobs. They can use their own vehicle or even take a taxi ride.

The deliveries are needed to be delivered to places in Broker and Dukes, and play out in a different order each time. They fall into the following categories:

Category 1: Stash

Players should put the product in a secure location for the buyer to pick it up later. Typically, a rival gang knows about the stash point and ambushes the player when they make the drop, leading to a shootout. The player must kill all rival gang members to complete the mission without dying.

Category 2: Timed

The buyer is waiting to deal and is getting nervous, the player must reach them and make the deal within a seemingly-short time limit.

Category 3: Deal

The player must meet with the buyers to make the deal. There is no time limit or a group of rival gang, but when the transaction is complete the police will show up and crash the party, prompting a shootout between them and the dealers. The player must escape and lose their 2-star wanted level to complete the mission.


(Note: The missions do not necessarily take place in this order)

DrugDelivery-GTAIV-BeechwoodCity.jpgBeechwood City Timed - For this the customer is waiting in an auto repair garage in Beechwood City, at the intersection between Carson Street and the Broker - Dukes Expressway. To pass this mission get to the buyer before he ends the deal.
DrugDelivery-GTAIV-CervezaHeights.jpgCerveza Heights
car stack
Stash - Put the package under a dumpster at Cerveza Heights Apartment. After Niko stashes the package a rival gang will block him in with a car, and two gangsters will appear on the roof above Niko, kill them all to complete this mission.
DrugDelivery-GTAIV-EastIslandCity.jpgEast Island City tunnel Timed - Meet the dealer in the tunnel in East Island City, under the East Borough Bridge. Get to the buyer's location before he ends the deal. This place can be tough to find, thus requiring the player to use a fast vehicle and ignore the given beater.
DrugDelivery-GTAIV-FestivalTowers.jpgFestival Towers Meadows Park Deal - Three customers are waiting under the Liberty State Pavillion Towers, when the deal is going on, it is interrupted by LCPD. Lose the heat to complete the mission.
DrugDelivery-GTAIV-MeadowHills.jpgMeadow Hills Stash - Stash the product in an alley in Meadow Hills. After that, a rival gang of five will need to be eliminated to complete the mission.
DrugDelivery-GTAIV-MeadowsPark.jpgMeadows Park Stash - For the delivery, Niko must stash the drugs under a dumpster across the road from Meadows Park, nearby to the McReary Residence. Four rivals will discover the stash point, and Niko has to wipe them all out; two to the left, and two to the right. One on the left carries a shotgun.
DrugDelivery-GTAIV-OutlookPark.jpgthe bridge in
Outlook Park
Stash - Stash the product under a bridge in Outlook Park when four rival gangsters surround Niko. Kill them all to complete the mission.
DrugDelivery-GTAIV-Schotter.jpgSchottler Timed - The delivery is also timed, and the customer is found in a tunnel under the Algonquin - Dukes Expressway, in Schotter. Get to the buyer's location before he ends the deal.
DrugDelivery-GTAIV-Steinway.jpgthe tower block in Steinway Timed - This mission is a timed delivery, with the customer waiting at the end of the road directly east of the Steinway Beer Garden, behind the east building block, near the curve of the street below.
DrugDelivery-GTAIV-Willis.jpgWillis Deal - The customers are found in an alley in Willis, the same one Little Jacob and Niko went to during the mission Concrete Jungle. The LCPD will soon interrupt the deal and Niko needs to lose the heat to complete the job.

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Every completed delivery pays $250 and raises Jacob's friendship by 1% and respect by 3%.

Once the player has successfully completed ten deliveries, Jacob will send a text message saying the police are cracking down and there will be no more deliveries. Completing all ten deliveries will reward the player the Courier Service achievement. Niko will also receive a unique Jamaican Huntley Sport with a different grille and exhaust from the normal ones.


  • It is recommended to call Little Jacob for delivery mission while driving near the Homebrew Café, doing so will make certain timed missions easier.
  • The strand of missions is also named "I and High" by Games for Windows Live.[1]
  • Sometimes when Niko calls Jacob for more missions, Jacob will state that someone else has been doing the work and tell Niko to call back later.
  • Jacob's provided cars include: