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For the equivalent features in Grand Theft Auto Online, see Street Dealers and Stash Houses.

You have shown yourself to be a formidable entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical and healthcare business. Your father would be proud.

Drug Dealing is a side activity and major feature in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The drug trade is first introduced by Wu "Kenny" Lee during the mission Tricks of the Triad, in which the protagonist, Huang Lee, must peddle six different drugs across Liberty City. The mission will explain the basic principles of drug dealing as well as introducing Huang to his first two contacts: Liam and Danny.

The following drugs are available for purchase/selling:

Drug Category Description
Acid-GTACW Acid Hallucinogens
These get the user turned on and tuned in, taking them on a
flashback trip to the psychedelic 60's ...they'll hear the
color and see the smell of their own vomit. Trippy man!
Coke-GTACW Coke Powders
Taking this, the user will walk the line with the Vinewood stars;
partying like a God with their new best friend... to the exclusion of all else.
Downers-GTACW Downers Depressants
This powerful hypnotic agent kills anxiety dead in its tracks.
It could even help the user sleep their way into believing the American dream.
Ecstasy-GTACW Ecstasy Hallucinogens
The user will get loved up, grinning, gurning and dancing their tits off,
until paranoia, anxiety and confusion tell them to get the hell home.
Heroin-GTACW Heroin Powders
The user will feel the initial powerful rush, then slide down the slick
warm walls of oblivion... forever. The methadone queue just got longer.
Weed-GTACW Weed Depressants
This medicinal herb and religious sacrament has wafted down through time
on a tendril of arcane smoke from prehistory, so that
users can chill out and learn to play the sitar.

Heroin and Coke are high value drugs; their market value could exceed $1000 each. Ecstasy and Acid usually fluctuate between $200 and $500 on the market. Finally, Weed and Downers are the cheapest drugs, usually not exceeding $20 apiece on the market.

Stash Box & Holdall[]


The Stash Box.

The Stash Box and the Holdall will be available in all safehouses after the mission Tricks of the Triad. They are used to store and carry Huang's drugs, respectively.

Stash Box[]

The Stash Box is located at every safehouse and can store an unlimited number of drugs. Drugs in the stash box cannot be lost; however, they cannot be dealt until transferred to the holdall.


The Holdall is carried by Huang at all times. It can carry a maximum of 50 bags of drugs. Drugs stored in here may be traded with other dealers. Any drugs stored in the holdall will be lost (confiscated by the police) if Huang is Busted.

Normally the holdall carries 50 bags of drugs, but after the player completes both of the Excess Delivery missions (Alphamail in Bohan and Liberty State Delivery in Algonquin), the holdall will be upgraded to carry 100 bags instead.

Dealing Drugs[]


The Turf Map available on Huang's PDA.

Players can earn money from dealing drugs by buying low and selling them for a higher profit. There are various ways to insure the player makes a profit. Whenever players attempt to sell one or more bags of drugs, a green or red arrow will appear next to the icon. A green icon will indicate that they can make a profit from this transaction, while a red arrow will resemble a loss.

When Huang wants to buy drugs, the dealer's drug price is compared to the market value, calculating the potential profit.

Dealers working in different gang territories will sell or buy drugs for a much lower or higher price. Each gang buys and sells different drugs, as shown on the in-game Turf Map.

Gang Sells Buys
African Americans Downers-GTACW Downers Acid-GTACW Acid
Angels of Death Coke-GTACW Coke Ecstasy-GTACW Ecstasy
Irish American Killers Acid-GTACW Acid Ecstasy-GTACW Ecstasy
Jamaicans Weed-GTACW Weed Downers-GTACW Downers
Midtown Gangsters Heroin-GTACW Heroin Acid-GTACW Acid
The Mob Ecstasy-GTACW Ecstasy Coke-GTACW Coke
Russian Mafia Ecstasy-GTACW Ecstasy Coke-GTACW Coke
Spanish Lords Coke-GTACW Coke Ecstasy-GTACW Ecstasy
Triads Downers-GTACW Downers Heroin-GTACW Heroin

By dealing between the separate gangs (example: buying Coke from The Angels of Death and selling it to The Russian Mafia), Huang can insure maximum profit.

Drug Dealer Locations[]

Main article: Drug Dealers

There are in total 80 Drug Dealers that can be found around Liberty City:

Security Cameras[]


A Security Camera on the roof of the Steinway Beer Garden.

Main article: Security Cameras

There's a bit of an issue right now. Those security cameras. Every fool in town is getting arrested. Very good for those of us who haven't gone down. Until they come down, prices will stay high... sorry friend - that's capitalism - supply and demand, baby.

There are one hundred Security Cameras around Liberty City. These collectibles are introduced by Huang's first drug trade contact Liam in the mission Tricks of the Triad. They need to be destroyed to count as collected and can generally only be destroyed by using Grenades or Molotov Cocktails. Locations of destroyed Security Cameras are recorded in the PDA.

For each camera destroyed, the price of drugs gets slightly lower, up to a total decrease of 40%, and it also reduces the chance of a drug deal being raided by the police. In addition, if the player destroys all 100 Security Cameras and syncs their game to the Rockstar Games Social Club, they can unlock the drug dealer Sean in Colony Island, who sells drugs for half their street value.



A Email Tip-Off received by a Drug Dealer.

Dealers will send Huang e-mails telling them about trade tips they are offering. This can either be someone selling drugs for a low price or buying them for a higher than normal price. Huang will receive e-mails randomly during the course of the game, both in and out of missions (though he is unable to trade drugs during a mission). Tip-offs will expire two days after the original e-mail is sent, causing the dealer in question to revert to his normal prices.


It's a bust!
— A dealer when the LCPD raids their drug deal.

As implied in the related mission, occasionally the LCPD will try to raid a drug deal, resulting in a two-star Wanted Level. Huang must lose his Wanted Level or risk being busted and losing his drugs. The larger the drug deal, the more chance there is of the police busting it.

Alternative Ways to Acquire Drugs[]

Drug Vans[]

Main article: Drug Vans

Thought a rich buyer was trying to get Yu Jian out of the city, but he was clean. Still ... discovered that ripping off vans can be a lucrative side job.
— Huang Lee in Carpe 'Dime' mission replay description.

Cutting the panels of a stolen gang Burrito to find drugs.

Gang drug vans become available and appear on the map after "Carpe 'Dime'" for Wu "Kenny" Lee. They are denoted by a gang-themed Burrito with a red marker floating directly above them. They drive around in the gang's respective territory; their doors are unlocked by default, making it very easy for Huang to steal them.

The drivers are armed with SMGs and equipped with full body armor. They will floor the gas and drive away rapidly if Huang bumps into the van with another vehicle, attacks the van, or opens any door without hijacking it.

Vans can only be searched at secluded safehouses. Sometimes there will be no drugs at all in the frame of the van. In addition, any van that has not yet been searched cannot be stored in a safehouse garage. Any drugs that Huang finds, he keeps.

All gangs have drug vans driving around on their respective turf, with the exception of the Triads; it is impossible to steal drugs from Huang's own gang.

Spanish Lords Warehouse[]


A drug van stored at the Spanish Lords Warehouse.

Main article: Warehouse Raid

We took the fight to those moron Spanish Lords, and raided their main storehouse. I'd hoped we'd find Yu Jian, but there was no sign of it. I should keep raiding that warehouse - not that I hold out any hopes that my father's sword will turn up - it's just for shits, giggles and money.
— Huang Lee in Kenny Strikes Back mission replay description.

After the mission Kenny Strikes Back from Wu "Kenny" Lee, Huang can return to the Spanish Lords Warehouse in South Bohan to steal a drug van. When the drug van is stolen, it must be taken to a secluded safe-house to be searched. It is very similar to the mission Kenny Strikes Back, considering the mini-game is based on the mission.

There are some in-game days when the warehouse is closed and is impossible to be raided.


After the mission Under the Gun from Wu "Kenny" Lee, the player unlocks the ability to search for items in dumpsters, including health items and money in green dumpsters and weapons in red dumpsters. After the Drug Dealing feature is unlocked, certain drug packages can also be found in green dumpsters.

Story Missions[]


Acid being rewarded to the player after Dock'u'mental.

Certain missions in the storyline will award the player with drugs instead of money. These drugs can be sold for what can be considered a mission reward. The following few missions will award the player drugs:


There is a glitch involving the tip-off mechanism: if the player saves the game with their PDA near the end of the day (from 18:01 to 23:59) and resets it, all the tip-offs will be kept, even if they would end on that day. However, the dealers will reset their stock of drugs as usual, so if the player finds a certain tip-off useful, they can keep it infinitely. However, only the "buying high" tip-off will be kept this way, as the "selling low" tip-offs end as soon as the player buys all the affected drugs.

In the Android version, the dealers' stocked drugs will always have the red arrow regardless of whether Huang will make a loss, a profit, or break even.


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  • The drug dealing system is inspired by the 1984 DOS game Drug Wars, in which the player takes the role of a drug dealer in New York City and travels around the various parts such as Manhattan, The Bronx, and Brooklyn. The player also buys and sells various drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin, Acid, Weed, Speed, and Ludes.
  • A drug dealing side mission was originally going to be implemented in Grand Theft Auto Online.[ref?] It was eventually introduced to the game as part of continuation of the Los Santos Drug Wars update.